Kara Eschbach trades Wall Street for publishing world

Kara Eschbach, BS (ACCT) ’07, is co-founder, editor-in-chief and publisher of Verily, a women’s magazine that debuted online in 2012 and released its first print edition this spring. Eschbach and the magazine’s web editor also co-host Sirius XM radios’s “Catching Up with Kara and Monica” on the Catholic Channel.

Kara Eschbach

Kara Eschbach is editor-in-chief and publisher of Verily, a women’s magazine that she co-founded in 2012 following three years as an investment analyst with Credit Suisse (Photo provided)

At Purdue, Eschbach played varsity golf, earned School of Management Senior of the Year honors and spoke at the 2007 winter commencement. She joined Credit Suisse in 2008 as an investment analyst, just before the financial meltdown that rocked Wall Street, and left three years later to launch Verily.

“It was an invaluable experience in how to think about business, how to be analytical and solve problems, and work in a high-pressure environment,” she says.

Even in her new role, Eschbach says you’re just as likely to hear her debating fiscal policy as you are to find her swooning over shoes or talking about relationships. “I’m still a business nerd at heart,” she says.

To read the online version of Verily or subscribe to the print version, go to verilymag.com.