Krannert's new student leadership inititiaves are guided by three central criteria: success at Purdue, initial job market success, and long-term career success. (Photo by iStock)

Preparing for Success

Krannert showing the way with global leadership programs

Don't expect a name change any time soon, but the Krannert School is making a name for itself that is synonymous with one of the highest-value and most-demanded commodities in business — leadership.

Like Purdue, Krannert can take justifiable pride in its ability to launch and develop global leaders. Indeed, "Launching Tomorrow's Leaders" is one of the pillars of the University-wide strategic plan, and Purdue’s commitment to student success initiatives such as the Center for Student Excellence and Leadership (CSEL) and the Leadership Engagement Experience (LEE) is already transforming the college experience.

Krannert is now adding booster rockets to the launch sequence for success with two programs addressing both feedback from corporate recruiters and the aspirations of current and prospective students.

Launching Global Leaders (LGL), a leadership initiative introduced in 2011 as a pilot program, is now part of the curriculum for all master’s students. A companion program aimed at undergraduates, Launching Business Leaders (LBL), made its debut in fall 2012.

The message and the mission are clear, says P. Christopher Earley, Krannert dean and the James Brooke Henderson Professor of Management.

“Educating tomorrow’s global business leaders is our focus, our passion and our purpose,” he says. “In our increasingly complex world, students need more than a top-ranked academic program and stellar classroom performance to achieve career success. They also must demonstrate leadership aptitude, networking proficiency and cultural understanding.”

Core competencies

At the master’s level, Launching Global Leaders (LGL) is centered on a course of the same name that all first-year students are required to complete.

Jen Bennett, director of student leadership development and student services for Krannert’s full-time master’s programs, says LGL strengthens students’ leadership skills and enhances their professional development in ways that transcend the classroom and can be applied in all aspects of a well-rounded life.

"We built our acclaimed master’s programs to empower our students by developing their leadership skills and by increasing their self-awareness through real-world exposure and copious feedback," Bennett says. "LGL helps our students identify and acquire a variety of skills that define a global leader."

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