Don Roush

Don Roush is the new director of Krannert's Weekend MBA program. (Photo by Mark Simons)

In Public Service

Former police chief takes on new role leading Weekend MBA Program

Just days after trading in his longtime police uniform for the business suit of the Krannert School of Management, Don Roush was the subject of feature article in the Purdue Exponent. “So much for a low profile,” Roush says of the November announcement.

But as the associate director of Krannert’s renowned Weekend MBA Program, a low profile may not be in the cards for Roush. The increased call for bottom line success is forcing graduate programs throughout the nation to measure the value of the degrees they offer. And even ones with great reputations need to improve upon that value.

A policeman for 25 years, nine of which he served as Lafayette’s chief of police, Roush felt well-prepared for a leadership position at Purdue. “I used a lot of the same skill sets as chief of police,” he says. “From business plans to strategic and operational planning, along with personnel training, those things you find in any organization are quite applicable to this new job.”

Roush, who earned a Master of Science in higher education administration in 2004, is also familiar with the challenges of working professionals looking to build their resumes. He was once in their shoes and had long planned on transitioning to higher education. In this position, he says, he’s not only helping facilitate the weekend course itself but also developing a strategy for working with faculty and students for long-term success.

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