Wise Counsel

Alumni bring their expertise beyond the boardroom

While students remain the lifeblood of Purdue’s Krannert School, alumni are in many ways its heartbeat, says Erika Murphy, director of alumni relations.

“Faculty, administration and staff are obviously critical to the success of the Krannert in providing exceptional educational opportunities to the next generation of global business leaders,” she says. “What may not be quite as apparent is that our alumni play a critical role as well.”

The Dean’s Advisory Council (DAC), Global Strategic Advisory Council (GSAC) and the Krannert School Alumni Association (KSAA) provide a diverse network of advice, counsel and assistance to the leadership of Purdue’s Krannert School and its students.

Through their involvement, these accomplished alumni seek to improve the quality of teaching, research and services provided by the School of Management. They help promote the overall reputation of Krannert and Purdue, creating a bridge between business, industry, higher education and the world community.

In addition to serving on task forces and committees as needed to address strategic and tactical issues, they solicit and monitor feedback from Krannert students, alumni, recruiters and other key stakeholders. They also help solicit funds for Krannert and provide financial assistance to the University through corporate partnerships and often personal means.

Many return to campus frequently as speakers in the Krannert Executive Forum and other Purdue and Krannert venues.

“We are deeply grateful for their financial support that provides scholarships to draw top students, named professorships to attract and keep top faculty, and beautiful and functional facilities like Rawls Hall and the Parrish Library,” Murphy says. “We also appreciate our alumni who come back to recruit our talented students, who encourage potential students to consider Krannert and who share their unique story of how Purdue shaped their future.

“Now, more than ever, we need alumni help and support for university initiatives and student scholarships so Purdue can remain a premier institution of higher education both nationally and internationally.”

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