Fresh Idea

Undergrad entrepreneur launches food delivery service

When you’re a busy college student, even a quick trip to Walmart seems like a big chore. Especially when you don’t have a car on campus. But dashing out to a store is no longer a problem for students at Purdue, thanks to the hard work and business savvy of some Krannert students.

Dennis Man, a senior majoring in accounting and finance, joined forces with several other Purdue students to co-found a company called Kurgol. It’s a same-day delivery platform for fresh food and other items from stores.

“I came up with the idea with a group of friends as we talked about the hassle it was to get our shopping done without cars on campus,” Man says.

Man and the other co-founders of Kurgol obtained local inventory from stores in the West Lafayette area and then aggregated them into a website. They then launched the delivery service with a few drivers. Kurgol has now expanded to Penn State.

Dennis Man

Dennis Man worked as a strategy consultant during his summer 2014 internship at PwC in New York City. (Photo provided)

“Purdue has been incredibly supportive by providing grants for our development,” Man says. “Krannert also has a strong network of entrepreneurs, which has been a big advantage.”

Man says the group activities in his classes at Krannert have also provided a firm foundation for running Kurgol.

“I think Krannert prepares graduates to tackle any problem in the business world,” Man says. “We are prepared to be flexible and have the soft skills to approach any problem, particularly from a very analytical standpoint.”

Man is applying the lessons he has learned in the classroom as a consultant intern with PwC, where he works in the strategy division in the New York offices. Man says the internship is a great fit, especially because he is interested in a career in strategy consulting.

“As an intern, I am focused on clients that need complete business transformations,” he says. “I help them decide on new markets to enter and how to optimize internal processes.”

Man landed the intern position after he started networking with the firm as a sophomore, when he was invited to attend a national leadership program. He went through a round of interviews in his junior year and then got the offer for the intern position.

Man’s resume is packed with real-world experiences — he has worked on projects for General Mills, AT&T and Food Finders. Man also has received awards for his work in finance case competitions, serves as president of the School of Management Employers Forum (SMEF) and assisted business law professor Cliff Fisher on an independent research study presented at Kingston Law School in London.

Man, who grew up in Germany and Argentina before making Virginia his home, says one of the best programs available at Krannert — and one of the reasons he chose Purdue — is the Business Opportunity Program (BOP) for undergraduates.

“The BOP network has helped me tremendously in my professional and personal life,” he says. “It’s an opportunity no one should pass up.”