Professors pleased with quality

Kevin Mumford, assistant professor of economics, has used Krannert’s Green Screen Room extensively for preparing materials for his econometrics course. “The videos created in the Krannert production studio are the key component of the program,” he says.

“The production studio has a high-quality touch-screen monitor that I use like a whiteboard to work examples by hand. For a math-heavy course like mine, the touch screen is really essential. The quality of the final product is high without the need for post-production editing.”

Stephen Martin, professor of economics, is grateful for the innovative solution developed by the KCC staff, saying, “I will be recording lectures spring semester for a one-module course to be offered in the fall. After those lectures are recorded, I’ll offer bits and pieces, as appropriate, for my undergraduate ‘live’ courses as well.”

Mumford says the videos, created for the online degree program, are beneficial for traditional classroom instruction as well: “I’ve also made these videos available to my in-class sections and they enhance student learning. The video clips have substantially replaced the need for me to go back and review course material. Students ask fewer review questions, which allows me to use class time to work more examples and push them toward a deeper understanding of the concepts.”

Matthew Hoelle, assistant professor of economics, says producing online content gave him a reason to look at his course content with a critical eye. “I found it extremely helpful to design a course from scratch with original text, slides and exercises," he says. "Hopefully that led to a more modern and accessible treatment of macroeconomics.

“With the Green Screen Room, I condensed the 75-minute lecture into three video snippets each 12-15 minutes long. The material is slightly condensed, but students always have the option to pause and rewatch certain aspects of the lecture –– a feature not available in standard lectures.

“I now have a substantial amount of class time at my disposal for policy analysis. Students assess macroeconomic policy in light of the theoretical models introduced in the videos. We interact using live video chats for the online course, and in small groups for the brick-and-mortar class.”

Campus collaboration

Information Technology at Purdue (ITaP) is using Krannert’s studio as a model for the Video Express studios being built across campus. The first one opened in Stewart Center in November. “Thirteen other departments, including all three regional campuses, have expressed interest in having a similar facility,” says Julie Kercher-Updike, associate vice president of customer relations at ITaP.

Ello gives a shout-out to experts across campus for their contributions to the self-service studio solution: “The College of Technology pioneered the low-cost video switching equipment that makes Video Express possible. ITaP added several of the environmental components and creature comforts. The Krannert innovation was developing the processes and custom software that transforms the many components into a single, turn-key package."

Adam Lawson, senior associate director of the Krannert Computing Center, says the collaboration was special because it was among campus departments populated with talent developed at Purdue.

“This solution is powered by Purdue innovation, right down to the project’s principals, who are all Purdue alumni from technology and management. We’re not just giving Purdue an edge in the online world; we’re creating the experience we wished for when we were students,” Lawson says.

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