Do You Know Krannert?

Test your knowledge to win Krannert apparel

Whether they are recent graduates or veteran professionals, Krannert alumni are known for their attention to detail. It is part of a skill set that has given the school a global reputation for preparing analytical, data-driven business leaders. But how well do you know Krannert?

Read this issue of Krannert Magazine closely for clues, then test your knowledge in this 10 question, multiple-choice quiz for a chance to win custom-designed apparel featured on the Krannert Gear website.

  1. Who was founding dean of Purdue’s School of Management?

  2. What was the name of Herman Krannert’s wife?

  3. Where did management students take courses prior to the construction of the Krannert Building?

  4. What two floors connect the Krannert Building (KRAN) to Rawls Hall (RAWL)?

  5. Who provided the $2 million lead gift for the renovation of the Management and Economics Library in the Krannert Building?

  6. What type of stone was used to construct the Krannert Building?

  7. Herman Krannert first made contact with Purdue to get advice on treating illness in what kind of animals?

  8. How many Krannert alumni are among the top 12 members of Purdue’s “Cradle of Quarterbacks” as voted by fans in 2010?

  9. Who was acting dean of the School of Management upon dedication of the Krannert Center for Executive Education and Research in 1983?

  10. What sport served as the theme for the dedication of Jerry S. Rawls Hall in 2003?

Disclaimer: In accordance with Purdue University policy, a valid email address is required for submitting the completed quiz and only one entry per person will be accepted; the prizewinner will be selected at random from all entries rather than by score. Entries must be submitted by Wednesday, July 1, 2015. Further terms and conditions apply.