Sunday, January 24

Everyone was working their tails off drafting, assembling, completing and edging our slide deck, which was due at 12:00 a.m. EST!  Our meeting that day ran from 2:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., during which time we managed to put together a 48-page slide deck plus 30 pages of appendix slides! After finalizing the PowerPoint presentation, Siming and I spent another two hours proofreading every slide to make sure everything was perfect for the submission.

Tuesday, January 26

We had a mock run in front of managerial communications members Teresa Sekine, Denise Driscoll and Amanda Dyson. We received a lot of valuable feedback and suggestions for improvement, so everyone continued to practice throughout the day.

Wednesday, January 27

We had our second mock run in front the Krannert Energy Club board. Shane McGuire in particular offered us helpful advice not only in presentation delivery, but also provided guidance by tackling our solution leveraging his industry insights. It was a great learning process for the team.

Case CompetitionThursday, January 28

While we traveled to UCLA, Deron and Siming were still practicing their presentations even on the plane. We arrived at UCLA for the dinner reception, then we went back to our hotel to practice until midnight despite having jet lag. Big shout out for Deron for developing a super-strong closing statement for the team!

Friday, January 29

It’s finally the day of the case competition! We were the earliest team to arrive at UCLA because it was important for us to be proactive and complete our due diligence by finding out which boardroom we would present in and practice under the same setting. After a random drawing, we learned we would be the first team to present. Against all odds, our team did an awesome job by setting the tone for the rest of competitors. Despite losing to UC Berkeley in the group contest, we learned later from the judges that it was a very close decision and provided us with valuable feedback.

Additionally, we managed to establish a networking beachhead for Krannert in Southern California Edison and SolarCity, which is crucial to continuously building our professional connection portfolio.

Overall, the competition forced us to think quickly on our feet and gave us the experience of presenting in a boardroom environment. Although we did not bring home the trophy, the spirit of case competitions — a tireless pursuit of the perfect business solution — will be carried on by the future generations of Krannert students and victorious Boilermakers.

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