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The great research conducted by our faculty makes its way into the classroom, giving students the most relevant and current information available. That classroom learning is augmented by experiential opportunities that allow them to display their analytical skills.

some of our brightest students
Our MBA team won the Big Ten Case Competition and Christine Rasquinha took home
big 10 business comp

More than a quarter of our incoming freshman class in 2016 was admitted to the Krannert Leaders Academy (KLA). The program offers accelerated classes, professional workshops and unique social events to challenge our best and brightest students. More than 450 students took part in KLA activities during its inaugural year, including the Human Library, City Treks, scholarly project involvement, experiential learning opportunities, alumni networking, and personalized coaching and mentoring.

summer commencement

We’ve also taken steps to make Krannert courses more convenient for non-majors. As an outgrowth of Purdue’s “Think Summer” initiative, the Krannert Summer Business Academy launched in 2017. It allows any student to earn a management of economics minor by taking classes fully online over two or three summers. In its inaugural year, the Academy helped us increase summer enrollment by 44 percent from 2016. It also builds on the school’s continued expansion of summer learning, which recently earned Krannert faculty members Richard Makadok, Tom Brush and John Burr the “2016 Course Growth Think Summer Award” for boosting enrollment in their Strategic Management course by 74 percent.

44%: Krannert Summer Business Academy summer enrollment increased 44% from 2016
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