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Krannert is an ecosystem of aspiring business leaders who are mastering the analytical problem-solving and tech commercialization skills that move the industry forward and change the world. Our talented and diverse student body hails from all corners of the world, convening to form a right culture of eclectic, progressive leadership.

Graduate Programs

[MBA] FULL-TIME MASTERS OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION: The MBA program is a 60-credit-hour, four semester degree that helps students develop analytical and technical skills along with global strategic leadership capabilities to lead in our technology-driven world. This is a STEM designated program.

[MSHRM] MASTER OF SCIENCE IN HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: The MSHRM program is a 48-credit-hour, three-semester degree that combines human resources, management and organizational behavior studies with experiential learning opportunities.

[MSA] MASTER OF SCIENCE IN ACCOUNTING: The MSA is a 30-credit-hour, two-semester degree that prepares students to take the CPA exam while enhancing technical skills, written and oral communication skills, along with critical thinking and leadership skills.

[MSF] MASTER OF SCIENCE IN FINANCE: The MSF is a 40-credit-hour, three-semester degree that draws on real-world applications and access to the top minds in finance, complementing studies in the classroom to create a holistic learning experience. This is a STEM designated program.

[MSM] MASTER OF SCIENCE IN MARKETING: The MSM is a 33-credit-hour, three-semester degree that provides students with experience in using theoretical concepts to solve marketing problems through active learning projects, case studies, and hands-on exercises and marketing simulations. This is a STEM designated program.

[MSBAIM] MASTER OF SCIENCE IN BUSINESS ANALYTICS AND INFORMATION MANAGEMENT: The MSBAIM is a 36-credit-hour, three semester degree. The program is designed to enable informed decision-making using data. The curriculum is rigorous and geared to develop proficiency in the use of software tools and methodologies within business. This is a STEM designated program.

[MSGSCM] MASTER OF SCIENCE IN GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT: The MSGSCM is a 30-credit-hour, two-semester degree that builds upon Purdue’s core strength in operations, supply chain management, and business analytics to provide skills that position students well for a career in managing global supply chains. This is a STEM designated program.

Undergraduate Programs

ACCOUNTING: Students take courses to strengthen technical and critical thinking skills to join analytical and detail-oriented professions. Accountants have been called “the Swiss army knife for modern business” because they have the skills that help businesses problem-solve and succeed in a rapidly changing, globally competitive environment.

ECONOMICS: Microeconomic and macroeconomic courses along with data analytics courses build Krannert students’ knowledge that lead to more advanced courses like Game Theory, Behavioral Economics, Antitrust and Regulation, International Trade, and Money and Banking to become thinkers, looking at the cause and effect of decisions made by individuals, companies or governments.

FINANCE: Our finance students analyze money in different ways to answer questions like: How do multinational corporations account for currency exchanges? When you are buying another company, how do you decide how much it is worth? Courses aid students in discovering what “the time value of money” means, how to manage corporate cash flow and how to effectively allocate resources.

GENERAL MANAGEMENT: A multi-functional approach to coursework allow general management majors to discover different business areas at the same time like finance, strategy, law and organizational behavior. They effectively lead, coordinate and communicate innovative solutions in all aspects of an organization from operations to human resources. They are adaptable leaders with strong roots in analytics, complemented by solid communication skills that help them compete in the business world.

INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT: Industrial Management is a unique business degree offered by the Krannert. It is a hybrid program designed for mathematically confident candidates who aspire to mix their analytical skills and love of “understanding how things work” with their desire to master all the functional areas of a management degree including finance, marketing, human resource management, strategic thinking and operations and supply chain management.

MARKETING: Marketing is a dynamic field which prepares students for a variety of careers ranging from brand and product management to marketing research and analytics to advertising and public relations. What makes marketing exciting is that it has both an analytical and creative aspect.

SUPPLY CHAIN INFORMATION AND ANALYTICS: Students in this major have technical knowledge in management information systems, business analytics, supply chain and operations. They learn how to use statistics and data analysis to make informed decisions on everything from client services to vendor management. Data analytics -- including statistical analysis, data modeling and database management -- is stressed in this program. Students may choose to dive deeper into one or more of these three areas: Supply Chain and Operations, Management Information Systems or Business Analytics.