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Engagement Opportunities

We welcome the opportunity to partner with you and your company for additional opportunities to engage with Krannert students. While our Krannert Career Treks are a unique opportunity for recruiters to showcase their company onsite while meeting current students, there are also various methods of company engagement while on campus in addition to presentations and career fairs. Our staff is able to assist with company-hosted coffee hours, speaking events, conferences, Experiential Learning Projects (ELI), case competitions, student clubs and many more activities.


Career Treks create educational and professional touch points for employers in cities across the globe to meet Krannert School of Management students. The one day to week-long treks provide an opportunity for students to connect and network with top business companies and professionals, and learn about a company’s mission, values, and organizational culture. Treks also serve as additional recruiting opportunities for students interested in internships or full-time positions. Past cities visited have included Atlanta, Chicago, New York City, Portland, and San Francisco.


Companies looking for a relaxed and professional student engagement opportunity should consider hosting a coffee hour. Coffee hours are highly attended and can be held within Krannert or at nearby Greyhouse Coffee.


Access additional student exposure and highlight the benefits of working in your company by participating in a Krannert conference through corporate sponsorship, keynote speakers, presentations, or case development.


Share your company story and employee insight by participating in the Launching Global Leaders Speaker Series (for masters students) or the Krannert Executive Forum (for undergraduate students).


Build your company’s reputation as an employer of choice for Krannert students and see in-depth how students on your project team might meet your future hiring needs. Work with motivated and knowledgeable teams of students who have been trained to apply analytical insight to global problems and produce project.


The School of Management has more than 40 graduate and undergraduate student organizations. Building relationships and supporting the clubs can help you increase awareness and find great candidates. Student clubs and organizations sponsor most student-managed activities and social events for Krannert students. You can learn more about our clubs by visiting our Undergraduate Clubs. Contact the KPDC to learn about opportunities to support or connect with our student clubs.