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discussion at a career fair
Showcase Your Company

Career Fairs

Students gain a competitive edge with companies that travel to Krannert to recruit our talent. We also encourage our students to participate in campus-wide and national career fairs.


The School of Management Employers Forum is a distinguished campus organization that seeks to serve students by implementing a multitude of events, programs, and career fairs in order to connect the student body with professional opportunities, elevate Krannert as an institution, and inspire tomorrow’s business leaders.

With more than 1500 students attending, our fall and spring career fair is a great opportunity to build your corporate presence at the Krannert School of Management. This event is unique because it is planned and organized entirely by students from the School of Management Employers Forum committee. Because of the hard work and dedication of these students, the Career Fair is a success each year. In addition to the career fair, companies can sign up to give a presentation, critique student resumes and interview students.

Registration for our fall (September) career fair begins in May and registration begins in November for our spring (February) career fair.  More information can be found at


The Krannert Public Accounting Fair is designed specifically for companies in the Public Accounting field. Krannert features 400 accounting students, all with unique backgrounds and experiences, so this is a great opportunity to increase your visibility and meet these candidates. This early September fair is hosted and organized by the Purdue Accounting Association (PAA). The fair is targeted recruiting to students seeking Public Accounting opportunities only. Companies will also be invited to attend the annual Beta Alpha Psi banquet following the fair.  More information can be found at


The Krannert Masters’ Career Fair is the first opportunity for employers to recruit graduate business students on-campus. With business students from 7 different master’s programs, recruiters will have the opportunity to network and interview candidates for internships and full-time positions. The event takes place on September 12th and 13th, 2019 and is open to all Krannert MBA’s and master’s program students. This event is limited to 25 employers to facilitate quality interactions between students and respective companies. For more information, please contact Claudine Meilink at

Krannert Master's Career Fair

The Business Analytics Career Expo

The Business Analytics Career Expo is an opportunity for companies to view the extraordinary projects of our MS of Business Analytics and Information Management students.  The Expo occurs in Mid-March and incorporates a poster session, networking reception and company interview space. There is no cost to attend, for more information please contact Chris Luebbe at