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On-Campus Recruiting

Annually, on or around April 1, we begin to schedule for the upcoming recruiting season. The recruiting season begins with preparation in early August. Information sessions start in late August or early September with interviews beginning in September. On-campus recruiting includes career fairs, interviews, presentations, case competitions and other events. Peak recruiting occurs from late August to early November and from January through March.

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Graduate General Guidelines

Space is reserved Monday through Thursday at 6:30-8 p.m. for information sessions in Rawls Hall. We strive to schedule only one per evening. Although we cannot prohibit other demands on the student’s time, we will not schedule during exams or other major known conflicts. Unfortunately, current Krannert class schedules do not allow for lunch hour presentations.
Second-year recruiting begins in September and continues through early December. Companies that set second-year recruiting schedules in January or later should anticipate a smaller number of available candidates.
Recruiting for internships begins after the Master’s Job Fair in the fall and continues through spring. The majority of internship interviewing occurs December-February.
Held every year in September, the Krannert Master’s Career Fair is an ideal way to build your company’s brand on campus and meet top talent. Because of our strong curricular emphasis, you will find our students to be well prepared to meet your business needs. Both full-time and internship-seeking students will be in attendance.
Normal interview lengths are 30, 45 or 60 minutes. The standard interview would be on a Monday through Thursday between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Friday interviews are rare and are approved on a case-by-case basis. Students seeking internships and those in one-year programs are frequently required to attend special programs on Fridays. Many students use Friday for site visits, case competitions, career fairs, etc. We will attempt to accommodate interview schedule adjustments with prior notice.

Please provide the length of time you desire for your interviews and if the student will be required to participate in back-to-back interviews. The Krannert Professional Development Center (KPDC) will generate the schedule online. When you determine the candidates you wish to interview, indicate they are invited or are alternates within our online system. Students are notified by email, and they may sign up online for a specific time slot when sign-up opens. After invitees are given the opportunity to sign up, alternates are eligible to take any vacant spots.

Submit your closed list (pre-selects) at least 10 days prior to your interview date. If your closed list is late, it may impede the sign-up of students you wish to interview. A hard copy of your schedule and student resume will be available no later than the morning of your interview.

Arrange your travel so the schedule can be completed as planned. It is usually not possible to reschedule students the day of the interview. Allow at least two hours after the conclusion of the interview day if you are returning to Indianapolis International Airport.

Criteria used for screening can be helpful in determining eligibility, but the most efficient method is a resume collection where students submit resumes in response to a job description. We can assist you in posting jobs for master’s students. You may also pull filtered resume books from CMA, searching for keywords such as: current student, 1st year MBA, seeking internship, with a primary concentration in Finance, holding F-1 visa, or “Mandarin.”
Recruiters cannot ask interview questions that could be construed as unethical, illegal or in violation of personal privacy, such as questions related to race, age, marital status, religion, handicap, national or ethnic origin, or his/her sexual orientation.

Please inform students of their status (regret, or invite to site) within the time frame you mention in the campus interview. Students appreciate receiving this within two weeks after the interview if possible.

Submit your offer in writing, and to ensure that students have the opportunity to make a thoughtful decision, do not request students to accept offers before the designated deadline. Most students prefer to interview through the entire recruiting season before accepting an offer. We request that full-time offers (and full-time offers received from an internship) be kept open until December 1 or four weeks from the verbal or written offer, whichever date is later. Internship offers should be kept open until February 1 or four weeks from the verbal or written offer, whichever date is later. We encourage you to keep this in mind when asking students to respond to an offer.

Exploding offers are strongly discouraged as a means to bring about an early acceptance. Job offers must remain open (including base salary, bonuses, etc.) until the deadline to accept the offer. Changing or withdrawing job offers violates professional standards and Krannert’s recruiting policy.

Students who accept an offer then renege are subject to suspension of recruiting privileges.

Undergraduate General Guidelines

Please refer to our Recruiting Guidelines and the NACE Principles for Ethical Professional Practice. The Center for Career Opportunities (CCO) is Purdue’s main career center. They host the NACElink@Purdue portal and it is open to all Purdue students and alumni. It is your one-stop shop to recruit Purdue School of Management undergraduate students. Through this portal, you can request on-campus interviews, post full-time, internship and co-op opportunities, and register for career fairs. Go to to create your account.
Attending our career fairs is a great way to build your visibility and meet great candidates. The fall recruiting season kicks off with the Purdue Accounting Association/ Beta Alpha Psi Public Accounting Fair. It is followed by the School of Management Employers Forum (SMEF) fall fair, which is held in September and attracts more than 140 companies and 2,000 students. In addition to the fair, you can participate in resume critiques, give a company presentation and interview students. SMEF hosts another fair early in the spring semester. Registration typically opens in May (fall fairs) and November (spring fairs) and you register for all of our fairs through the NACElink@Purdue system.
Companies can host information sessions during the career fair, the night before an on-campus interview schedule or with a student organization. Working directly with a student organization(s) can increase attendance. The KPDC or student club can help you try to reserve a classroom in Krannert or Rawls. Additional space may be available in other buildings and you can request it online at
On-campus interviews schedules may be conducted in the CCO or in the Krannert Professional Development Center’s interview offices. You may request interview dates through your NACElink@Purdue account, or by emailing, or the KPDC ( Interview schedules can be 30-, 45- or 60-minute slots and you can pre-select candidates based on major, graduation dates, degree level and work authorization. When requesting dates, please include a few dates and the length of your interviews. Priority in the KPDC suite will be given to KPDC sponsors.
The NACElink@Purdue job posting board is for companies looking to hire students (or alumni) for entry-level, internships, co-ops and part-time positions. Resumes can be collected in our system, emailed to you, or students can be directed to apply on your company website. Positions should be posted at the beginning of recruiting, before career fairs, and remain active for 30-45 days. Positions can be re-posted if you need additional candidates. Positions should have a descriptive title, give an overview of the company and list the job responsibilities. In addition, it should include the qualifications you seek or require in candidates.

To add screening criteria to a posting you can use the resume collection option. This functions similar to an on-campus interview posting but it does not have a recruiting date set. Should you decide you want to interview on campus, a resume collection can be converted to an on-campus interview visit. Contact or the KPDC ( to create a resume collection.

Personally reaching out to qualified candidates is a great way to increase interest in your upcoming campus visit or job opportunities. Any time throughout the year you can request a resume book (a PDF) based on the criteria you are seeking. The resume books can be found at Companies attending our career fairs can access our searchable business majors resume books shortly before and after the fair. After you identify qualified candidates, you can email them through the NACElink@Purdue system.

We recommend that employers do not place unnecessary pressure on students to accept a job or internship offer. We recommend against exploding offers, defined as offers that require students to decide within a very short amount of time or face having the offers rescinded. These recommendations are supported by the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

For first- and second-round interviews, we recommend that employers make every effort to accommodate a student’s schedule. For off-campus interviews, we recommend a few days notice and (potentially) alternate dates so students can arrange travel and other obligations.

Student accountability: Students who miss interviews or renege on an offer may be subject to losing access privileges to their account.