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Interview Rooms Reservations

On the day of your reservation

On the day of your reservation you must arrive to the KPDC with a facemask on; the facemask MUST NOT be removed until you have entered the interview room and have closed the door. Upon arrival you will need to ring the doorbell that is outside of the KPDC main door (RAWL 3029) and a KPDC staff member will then escort you to the reserved interview room. Once in the room, you are to remain in the room until the completion of your interview. There will be no in/out privileges. Prior to exiting, disinfection of the room must be completed using the provided sanitizing wipes and spray. Upon disinfection completion, replace your facemask and exit the KPDC promptly.


To reserve a KPDC interview room

To reserve a KPDC interview room, access the reservation system using the instructions below. Please note: Only one person is allowed in the interview room at any given time. Any violation of this policy will result in revocation of interview room privileges.

  1. Go to

  2. Login with your Purdue BoilerKey

  3. To create a new scheduled appointment

    1. Click on the Make Appointment link in the menu
    2. Choose KPDC Interview Rooms from the drop down menu and press Next
    3. Choose the option Location from the Select Search By drop down and press Next
    4. Choose the room you want to use from the drop down menu and press Next
    5. Click on a reason under the length of time you want the room and press Next
    6. Click in the empty date picker field to choose a Date to start looking and press Next
      NOTE: If you need to change the date, just click in the date field and use the date picker control to select a different date
    7. Click on the Timeslot that works for your schedule and press Next

      NOTE: If you don’t see a time that works for you in the initial choices, use the Get Next suggestions button to look for more times

    8. In the additional notes section put the name of the company you are interviewing with
    9. Provide your phone number in case the person needs to contact you
    10. Press the Make Appointment button
  4. To cancel a scheduled appointment

    1. Log into the calendar system using the login instructions above
    2. You will see your list of scheduled appointments
    3. Under “Actions” (on the far right side of the screen), click the View Details button
    4. Under “Appointment Action” section, click the “Click to Cancel” link
    5. A popup box will ask you to enter your reason for canceling the appointment
    6. Choose a reason, fill in the memo section, and press the “Confirm Cancel” button
  5. To reschedule a canceled appointment

    1. Follow the instructions above to schedule a new appointment

If you encounter any problems, please contact (765) 49-47955 or Email: