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2019 KGSA President Election

KGSA President Election Candidates 2019-20

These two candidates will be running for the KGSA President position for the 2018-2019 year. There will be time during Wednesday's Social (2/6) for the candidates to pitch their candidacy. Take time to read each candidate's Letter of Intent and vote based on who you think will be the best representative of the Krannert School of Management.

Candidate 1: Randall Niffenegger


Dear Krannert Family,

This past year serving as the MBA Program’s First Year Representative to KGSA, I have seen first-hand the mission of KGSA to “Enhance the Krannert Experience”. I have seen KGSA progressing that mission one small step at a time, but now it is time for one “Giant Leap” for Krannert-kind.

Growing up involved in 4-H, I learned to live by the 4-H motto, “To Make the Best Better.” If elected President of the Krannert Graduate Student Association I aim to apply this mantra in supporting our clubs, our colleagues, and our community through stimulating the diversity of thought and experience.

Supporting Clubs

In supporting clubs, I aim to continue improving the transparency and structure of allocating funds to clubs. Beyond that however, I could not possibly hope to understand how to support your club, if I do not first understand your club. To address this and avoid bias toward clubs that have members on the KGSA executive board, as President I will make a point to attend as many open club meetings as possible. I hope investing in this step will aid clubs in more succinctly executing their mission and ideas.

Supporting Colleagues

Supporting each other can be very difficult because of the countless ways support can be required. This however, is why I believe this point is so crucial. From an experiential and social perspective, I aim to better integrate students from different programs and years by working with the VP of Student Life to create more intentional programming that reaches across programs. Working with the VP of Marketing, I aim to better disseminate information to make sure it properly reaches everyone; is more easily referenceable; and does not clutter our already busy inboxes. In supporting the advancement of our professional development, I aim to organize alongside the VP of Professional Development, more in-house mock, and real, case competitions; more alumni networking opportunities; and support students in attending more conferences and job fairs, especially those with an emphasis on companies that sponsor international students. Lastly on a personal level, how can I ask you to dedicate your time and energy into these events and ideas if I do not invest my time and energy into you. With that said if you ever need to reach me for any reason my phone number is 262-305-5530.

Supporting Community

Countless studies have shown that one of the most beneficial, yet overlooked, experiences a person can have is volunteering. Here at Krannert, as future leaders of the business world, I believe it is our duty to routinely come together to support our community. Many Krannert and campus wide organizations often hold volunteering events, but I propose that once a module we come together for a large-scale volunteering effort such as the “Rise Against Hunger” event many of us participated in during our orientations. As much as we are capable leaders in the classroom, we need to be capable, servant leaders, and examples, in our community.

With that being said, if you have made it this far into my letter, thank you, and thank you for considering me for KGSA President!

Boiler Up!

Randy Niffenegger, MBA ‘20

Candidate 2: Edgar Bitencourt



Dear Boilermakers,

 My interest in developing new business started early in life as I grew up surrounded by my family’s own business. Since then I set a goal for my future - to merge my passion for business with formal education. My experience with being a startup enthusiast for the past six years taught me how much one can benefit from volunteer activities and sharing one’s experiences with everyone around. I believe that as KGSA President I can help instill the sense that if we want to grow as a Leader and a better human being, we need to care for our friends and colleagues as they are our own responsibility. My goal is to involve everyone from the Krannert Masters programs to develop networking skills, to enhance our sense of responsibility and to stand out as what we are: Boilermakers! Here is a glance at how I want to achieve these 3 key aspects:

Networking Skills

 Krannert opens a door for you to be able to connect with people from different parts of the world, whether it be your cohort or alumni. With these contacts, I intend to organize several events so that we can connect and more importantly, learn how to connect, either personally or through social media, like Linkedin for example. My purpose is to make every single person involved as comfortable as possible while networking and build personal and business relationships. I also intend to help first-year students hit the ground running in early fall and secure an internship as quickly as possible, which is the ultimate goal of every student at Krannert.

Sense of Responsibility

I realize that if we don’t care for each other, a true community cannot be built. This is where the spirit of caring for the person next to me shines. I want to involve more students with all the resources that we have on campus, for example, KPDC and help them realize what powerful tools we have in our hands. Also, I want to involve more second years with first years to share their vision about careers, student life and more. Students need to develop a sense of responsibility to be prepared for their professional as well as personal life.

We are BoilerMakers!

Since I was accepted in the MBA program, I began to look for what a true Boilermaker is. And I found out that a boilermaker is someone who is willing to take a risk and always stand for their true ethics and values. In doing so, I think we can push ourselves to develop a true entrepreneur spirit, as most of our predecessors did in the past like Neil Armstrong, Drew Brees and more recently Tyler Trent. All these three Boilermakers had one thing in common: An ambition and a passion to innovate and help others to reach the sky, literally!


Edgar Bitencourt, MBA ‘20

KGSA President Candidate