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2018 KGSA President Election

KGSA President Election Candidates 2018-19

These three candidates will be running for the KGSA President position for the 2018-2019 year. There will be time during Wednesday's Social (1/31) for the candidates to pitch their candidacy. Take time to read each candidate's Letter of Intent and vote based on who you think will be the best representative of the Krannert School of Management.

Candidate 1: Siddhanth Rajagopalan

Candidate Video

 Siddhanth Rajagopalan

Dear Krannert Family,

August 7,2017 marked a very important day in my life – my inclusion in the Krannert Family. From the very first day, I was in awe of the faculty and students who went out of their way to make me feel comfortable and at home. The close interactions and guidance I received from my colleagues and mentors have helped me discover myself and realize my potential of making a change where it matters the most - the community. Building relationships, both business and personal, has been my greatest strength, and Krannert has been instrumental in further nurturing it. I strongly believe in continuing this legacy of productive transformation of students and that is what motivates me to run as the President of KGSA.

Before I share my vision and goals with you, let me tell you my story. Coming from one of the most culturally diverse countries, India, Inclusion and Diversity has always been one of my core values. Born a South Indian and raised in the western and northern part of India, understanding the different cultures and being a part of every single one of them has been an enlightening experience and one to cherish. Acceptance of diverse perspectives and Right to Education are the most important values to me. Growing up in a developing nation, I realized that one of the challenges prevalent in today’s world lies not only in the scarcity of resources and in the potential of the populace, but also in getting the resources into the hands of those who truly need them. I see the same cultural diversity and untapped potential at Krannert. This has been my long-term vision, and the best place to start is to imbibe those ideals of service in Krannert with YOUR help. My intention of running as KGSA President is underscored by the same ideals and principles. I do not seek to revamp the existing administration structure, but I wish to enhance and improve those aspects which need dire attention.

I call it Vision 2018 and I seek all your support for seeing this through.

Vision 2018 is divided based on 2 categories: -

Krannert Administration and Academics

1) Enhance the existing corporate relations – Bringing in more company interactions to enhance the job prospects of the students by working continually with all the clubs as they form the major core of our student community.

2) Strengthening Krannert Brand - Supporting the VP Marketing of KGSA and strengthening Krannert’s Brand is one of my main goals of Vision 2018. Competing in case competitions, holding Krannert forums for prospective students and promoting Krannert Social Responsibility are some of the ways we can achieve our goal.

3) Providing adequate monetary support for all clubs – All the clubs are important, and all the clubs have their set goals and vision to make Krannert better. With the club leaders and your help, we will continue this tradition and breathe life into new ventures and ideas.

Krannert Social Responsibility

1) Krannert Out!! – One of the main additions I wish to include in Vision 2018 is the Krannert Out!! Volunteer program. This addition will be run directly under the President and Treasurer, supervised by the Boiler Out leadership, and will work on social educational causes in and around Lafayette.

2) Enhancing sports and athletic events – Introduction of monthly activities and tournaments was one of the most prominent feedbacks I had received. Taking that into consideration, a series of monthly sports and athletic events will be started, bringing out the core value of ‘Work hard, play hard’ amongst fellow students.

3) Continue to recognize Student Achievement – Continuing to publicly recognize the students involved not only in academic settings but also in productively transforming the students on a quarterly basis. Revamping the Krannert Newsletter to bring into limelight the achievements of students – both academic and extra-curricular – to encourage the holistic development that we as Krannert family strive toward.

I hope my values and goals resonate with you and with your support and votes, we can collectively guarantee the success of Vision 2018!

Thank you for patiently reading this and looking forward to working with you!

Boiler up!


Siddhanth Rajagopalan

Candidate 2: Lisa Maria Barahona Lazo

Candidate Video

Lisa Maria

Dear Krannert Family,

After a learning curve of six months and a Management Communication Skills course, I am thrilled to express my high motivation for becoming KGSA President for the 2018-2019 school year. We arrive to Krannert with numerous academic and professional expectations. However, sometimes we are uncertain of how to adapt, engage and create value as part of the Krannert family. We are a diverse talented team with unique skills and shared goals. As your KGSA leader, my main role will be to create the bridges required to guarantee our development and success as a supportive team.

Here are the three main strategies of how I plan to push boundaries and increase our Boilermaker vibrant spirit:

  1. Increase internal collaboration: Based on my continuous interest in student development, I look forward to work hand to hand with our Clubs and Master’s Office to ensure effective communication leads to the support of engaging activities and an embracing environment.
  2. Strengthen our alumni network: Having the opportunity to share with Krannert alumni has encouraged me to be outspoken and courageous. I feel supported by this incredible network of talented professionals. I want to listen to your projects, work in road maps and find the correct means to make them real.
  3. Innovation, Mentorship and Inclusion: Being a first year MBA, I faced several challenges trying to adapt and find my place in this new world. Thanks to the support of our second year MBA friends and faculty members, today I can express myself to the fullest. I see in KGSA the perfect opportunity to support our next generation before they arrive to Purdue, motivate them personally and professionally by organizing creative events in our new Krannert home.

I will be honored to represent you. I can guarantee you that I will work hard to make this a life changing experience for each one of us.



Candidate 3: Aaron Ruvalcaba

Candidate Video

Aaron Ruvalcaba

Dear Krannert Family,

When I look back at what I wanted to get out of my business school experience, three things come to mind: relationships, experiences, and challenges. If elected president, these are the areas I will work to improve.

Building Relationships

A big part of business school is “Building Realationships.”  We are a small program but somehow it still feels like a larger program. In running for president, I want to facilitate a more inclusive, tight-knit community that truly embodies the “Krannert Family.” Our inclusivity opens our eyes to different perspectives. And we have fun doing it!

For example, I have seen great ideas from many clubs, but they are poorly attended. I would like to facilitate cross-club collaboration, to make our events better. I plan to do this through a series welcoming events, including a kickoff orientation for first years, second years and alumni. Additionally, I think that having a winter formal would allow us all to come together, celebrate, our accomplishments and embody that Krannert family.

Enhancing Experiences

A big part of business school is “the experience.” I want exciting opportunities to develop our abilities in and out of the classroom. As president, I will work with Krannert students, faculty, and administrators to enhance experiences. I will explore new ways to combine classroom instruction with experiential learning opportunities, pushing us to apply our skills in real-world situations. This can be accomplished by being more transparent - We need to engage all Master first-year students in KGSA life by informing them of the functions and opportunities within Krannert. Likewise, we need to invest in communicating more effectively with student groups and assist them by understanding their needs. As President, I will work to outreach to students and help them become involved in with clubs and KGSA.

Embracing Challenges

As we strive for an entrepreneurial mindset we have to be ambitious. Push to improve ourselves, our communities, and our companies. I believe if the curriculum had fewer core classes, or arragnaged differently, it would allow us to pursue electives sooner, explore different concentrations, attend case competitions, and specialty conferences.

I am confident that my past experience in student government at UC Berkeley, my international experience as an educator, and my passion for developing people into powerful leaders make me an ideal candidate for the KGSA President. In running for president, I intend to be all of the above all while being fun!


Aaron Ruvalcaba, MBA ‘19

KGSA President Candidate