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KGSA Elections 2019-20


Deadline LOI president
Wednesday Social president candidates speech
Voting begins after social presentation.
Voting results.
Deadline LOI Vps
Wednesday Social Vps candidates speech
Voting begins after social presentation.
Voting results.

Elections will take place for following posts:



Responsibilities Include:

  1. Represent all Krannert Graduate Students
  2. Direct the efforts of the KGSA Board
  3. Work with Treasurer to allocate budget and manage finances of KGSA
  4. Active presence and participation on all Krannert events


Sample Letter of Interest (LOI):

Dear Krannert Family,

When I look back at what I wanted to get out of my business school experience, three things come to mind: relationships, experiences, and challenges. If elected president, these are the areas I will work to improve.

Building Relationships

A big part of business school is “Building Relationships.”  We are a small program but somehow it still feels like a larger program. In running for president, I want to facilitate a more inclusive, tight-knit community that truly embodies the “Krannert Family.” Our inclusivity opens our eyes to different perspectives. And we have fun doing it!

For example, I have seen great ideas from many clubs, but they are poorly attended. I would like to facilitate cross-club collaboration, to make our events better. I plan to do this through a series welcoming events, including a kickoff orientation for first years, second years and alumni. Additionally, I think that having a winter formal would allow us all to come together, celebrate, our accomplishments and embody that Krannert family.

Enhancing Experiences

A big part of business school is “the experience.” I want exciting opportunities to develop our abilities in and out of the classroom. As president, I will work with Krannert students, faculty, and administrators to enhance experiences. I will explore new ways to combine classroom instruction with experiential learning opportunities, pushing us to apply our skills in real-world situations. This can be accomplished by being more transparent - We need to engage all Master first-year students in KGSA life by informing them of the functions and opportunities within Krannert. Likewise, we need to invest in communicating more effectively with student groups and assist them by understanding their needs. As President, I will work to outreach to students and help them become involved in with clubs and KGSA.

Embracing Challenges

As we strive for an entrepreneurial mindset we have to be ambitious. Push to improve ourselves, our communities, and our companies. I believe if the curriculum had fewer core classes, or arranged differently, it would allow us to pursue electives sooner, explore different concentrations, attend case competitions, and specialty conferences.

I am confident that my past experience in student government at UC Berkeley, my international experience as an educator, and my passion for developing people into powerful leaders make me an ideal candidate for the KGSA President. In running for president, I intend to be all of the above all while being fun!


Aaron Ruvalcaba, MBA ‘19

KGSA President Candidate

Vice Presidents:

Vice President - Administration

Responsibilities Include:

  1. Organizational Development
  2. Manage all Krannert Clubs and communication with club leadership
  3. Organize all Club Fairs
  4. Coordinate Club Council Meetings

Sample Letter of Interest (LOI):

“When we intentionally bring together individuals from different backgrounds, with different experiences and perspectives, we all succeed in achieving our shared goals”

-         Marissa Horne, Director Employee Technology, American Airlines


Prior to starting my career here at Krannert I was an Operations Manager for one of the most influential brands in the world. Leading over 300 associates during my career has allowed me to learn from wonderful leaders, successfully lead large teams while receiving their respect and developing leaders in the process.

I want to be your Vice President of Administration for one reason; to empower others here at Krannert to become leaders and succeed.

I plan to achieve this goal by doing the following:

  • Utilizing my professional skills and management experience to listen and empower others 
    • Provide leadership and development opportunities to all clubs.
    • Utilize relationships with the Golf Club and with the VP of Professional Development to implement Alumni Golf Tournament.
    • In conjunction with K-Fit and KGSA board, implement mental health wellness initiative.
  • Work with all organizations to make sure they have the tools to succeed
    • Working with all clubs and VP of Marketing to create innovative ways to market and display events.
    • Partner with KPDC to find leadership development training opportunities for club leadership.
  • Support President and KGSA Board on initiatives together
    • Include Krannert Diversity Business Summit and other diversity initiatives in KGSA yearly schedule.
    • Work with clubs to sponsor socials every month in Tap Room.

I’m not asking for your vote for personal gain. I’m asking for your vote because I have a passion for bringing out the best in others and providing them the tools to succeed. I am asking for your vote because I can execute ideas with tenacity and have a proven track record of demonstrating results. I am asking for your vote because in order for our program to grow, we all need to be leaders and I want to create an environment for all students and organizations to demonstrate this trait.

Edgar K. Kennebrew II

Purdue University

Krannert School of Management c/o ‘19


Vice President - Marketing

Responsibilities Include:

  1. Internal Relations / Communications
    1. Oversee masters student social hours and coordinate announcements
    2. Communicate events to student body (KGSA email account and Bulletin)
    3. KGSA branding activities
    4. Attend Club Council meetings for event awareness / Bi-Weekly meetings with VP Student Life
  2. External Relations / Public Relations
    1. Alternate Senator, PGSG
    2. Manage Krannert Life website / Newsletter

Sample Letter of Interest (LOI):

Fellow Boilermakers,

I am writing to express my interest in running for the post of Vice President of Marketing in the KGSA board of 2018-19. Since early childhood we have been told that brand is very important and so naturally we are attracted towards the things which have a brand label on them. We are very proud to be associated with brand “Purdue” but now is the time we make brand “Krannert” a big thing.

Let us go through some of the numbers, for our MBA program Financial times rank 55, Bloomberg Businessweek Ranking 38, and many others. Our BAIM and MSHRM programs are top 10 in the country. This should make us very proud of our school. We all together have a responsibility to take brand “Krannert” further ahead.

My vision to strengthen the brand is by providing more opportunities for people to represent Krannert outside in different case competitions, career fairs, social events, sporting event. We have been taught importance of information flow through the organization in several of our classes. As the VP of marketing I will ensure that everyone knows about the events going on around us so that everyone has a fair chance of participating in the events. We will make sure that no one misses out on a great case competition or info session of a company because they did not know about it.

I would like to mention the great work done by our previous board members Alex Hartman and Kelly Adams who have done some amazing job to improve the Krannert website and how the information is circulated. My aim will be to improve on the great work done by them and enhance the brand “Krannert” even further.

I would be honored to work along the new KGSA board with use my skills to enhance the Krannert brand. Thank you for your consideration, and boiler up!


Neelesh Prakash

MBA 2019

Vice President - Professional Development

Responsibilities Include:

  1. Alumni Affairs
    1. Represent current students at the KSAA board meetings
    2. Increase student engagement with Alumni
    3. Organize networking opportunities
  2. Professional Development
    1. Official Liason between students and the KPDC
    2. Coordinate City Treks and Site Visits
    3. Carrer development activities
  3. Academic Affairs
    1. Mock Case Competitions
    2. Coordinate non-club affiliated


Sample Letter of Interest (LOI):

Hi Everyone,

I am thrilled to announce that I am running for Vice President of Professional Development. I grew up in the West and I am a ski bum at heart, so why would I leave the comfort of the Rocky Mountains and come to the Midwest and put myself through things like Business Analytics? We all understand that we did not come to Purdue just to learn about decision trees and balance sheets, but we came here for the doors of opportunity that Purdue could open for us. With its world class programs and internationally recognized brand, we believed that Purdue and Krannert could get us where we want to be—and we were right!

As VP of Professional Development, I pledge to foster an environment where everyone can take advantage of those opportunities and burst through those open doors to make their mark on the professional world. To achieve this, I will focus on three core ideas: valuecommunication and culture.

-        Value: I will focus on creating more events where students can interact with professionals and alumni right here in Rawls Hall and around campus

-        Communication: I will facilitate effective communication because you deserve to know what’s happening, who’s on campus and who’s hiring

-        Culture: I will work with the President and the rest of KGSA to create a Krannert culture where clubs works together to generate beneficial offerings to the whole student body

This is our time and our experience. I hope that we can stand together in making this experience integral to who we become and what we achieve.


Boiler up!

Tyson Eckersley

Vice President - Student Life

Responsibilities Include:

  1. Manage all Masters Study Rooms
  2. Social Events
    1. KGSA Tailgates
    2. Graduate Celebrations
    3. Holiday and Major Sporting Events parties
    4. Study Breaks and Social Hours Scheduling
  3. Cultural Events
    1. Plan Annual Cultural Events and Talent Shows
    2. Cultural Events based around Holidays
    3. Promote Diversity and Country Highlights

Sample Letter of Interest (LOI):

Dear Krannert Family

I am glad to write this letter to express my interest in running for the Vice President of Student Life in 2018-2019.

Life at Krannert is tough. Most of the students do nothing but study all the time. And as an international student, I would say life is tougher because of language and culture differences. However, life is more than studying. Students should have more activities to make their lives more colorful. More importantly, I think we should seek for more cultural diversity, encouraging both international and domestic students to get involved in life at Krannert. To make this happen, we need more interesting and relaxed event that appeal to everyone. We need to let more students feel being alive.

As I am running for VP of Student Life, I would try my best to create meaningful events with high quality. Not only do I want to provide a place for students to share their lives with friends, but I also encourage more students to walk out of the comfort zone and break the ice with strangers. From my perspective, our events should be creative, imaginative and impressing, making all the participants forget about their busy lives for a while. This could give them more participation when they go back to study. When I had my undergraduate and worked in China, I worked as group leaders all the time, such as the President of Students Union and English Club. When organizing events, I really enjoyed the feeling of making my ideas come true step by step. The laughter and pleasure those participants gave me more passion and motivation. And I believe I could make full use of my international background to bring something new to KGSA. My goals as VP of Student Life are to create a more relaxed atmosphere for all the students at Krannert, come up with cool ideas to make our events interesting, and encourage all the students to lead a more colorful life.  

It would be a great honor to work with other KGSA members and use my skills to make students at Krannert have a better life. Thank you, and boiler up!


Kehan (James) Ying