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Management Volunteer Program (MVP)


Management Volunteer Program (MVP) provides Krannert Master’s students with opportunities to act as servant leaders through volunteer events and charity events held on Purdue’s campus, within the Greater Lafayette community and nationally.

The Krannert Management Volunteer Program (MVP) is an organization for graduate students who volunteer in and contribute to the local community. Founded by MBA students in 1991, MVP is responsive to community needs. In addition to providing free services to the Lafayette community, MVP offers students a chance to hone their leadership and organizational skills. MVP partners with organizations like Food Finder’s Food Bank, SendRelief, YWCA, Habitat for Humanity, the Almost Home Humane Society and many others to provide volunteer/consulting services and fundraisers.  In 2017, Krannert MVP students volunteered as a team of students for hurricane relief in Houston, Texas, accumulating 264 hours.

MVP has co-organized the Krannert Masters Charity Pitch Competition with department of managerial communications,    annually since 2017, to generate awareness among students about charities that align with their interests and win donations for the causes that they support.

MVP Board 2020-2021:


President: Karan Shah


Vice President: Krati Gupta


Treasurer: Sayak Mishra




  • Hurricane Relief Volunteer Program
  • Annual Charity Bash
  • Krannert Masters Charity Pitch Competition
  • Holiday Drive
  • MLK Jr. National Day of Service
  • Relay for Life
  • Earth Day of Service
  • Krannert 5K
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • LTHC
  • Junior Achievement
  • Imagination Station