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The Krannert Graduate Toastmasters Club is a chapter of Toastmasters International, which focuses specifically on developing public speaking and leadership skills for future leaders from Purdue University. The Toastmasters Club meets at Rawls Hall (the schedule may change accordingly due to Krannert academic schedule), the club will send out updates via email/facebook for specific location and dates.

The members present prepared speeches and impromptu speeches.  The speakers get evaluated as per the Toastmasters guidelines and it gives the members a great opportunity to organize meetings professionally and enhance their public speaking skills in the process.  Almost all corporate organizations have Toastmasters Club and area level meetings, which involve other corporate Toastmasters Clubs and provide great networking opportunities for the members. 

Please contact the board members below to determine your fit and how Toastmasters can help you achieve holistic professional development. Typically every meeting has a business school theme in it and the whole meeting revolves around the theme. An example of a theme being ‘Business Networking’ which received significant participation. However, the theme is not limited to those in the business field, to provide more opportunities for non-business school students. Also, feel free to attend one meeting as a guest to assess if the club is the right fit for you.

Toastmasters Board 2017-2018: 

Eo Erize

President: Eo Erize

Felipe Camacho

VP Finance: Felipe Camacho

Laura Jurado Lara

VP External Affairs: Laura Jurado Lara

Rodolfo Namnum

First Year Rep: Rodolfo Namnum