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Launching Business Leaders

My Personal Brand

  • Trusworthiness and Integrity

    Actions are aligned with what one says and with agreed-upon ethical principles. Maintains confidentiality in dealing with sensitive information

  • Professionalism

    Conducts oneself in line with business-professional standards regarding dress, communication, and respectful and collegial engagement with others; effectively manages one's reputation and brand

  • Personal Responsibility

    Accepts responsibility for one's own actions, decisions, and deliverables; holds oneself accountable; follows through on promises; owns one's own education, development, and career planning

  • Drive for Results

    Proactively focuses on results and desired outcomes and how best to achieve them

My Skills

  • Strategic Thinking

    Looks at an issue from multiple vantage points while maintaining focus on the big picture

  • Decision Making and Decisiveness

    Uses sound judgment and analytic skills to make appropriate decisions; knows when to move from analysis to action (to avoid analysis paralysis)

  • Written Communication

    Expresses oneself in written English (e.g., memos, emails, course papers) clearly, succinctly, and effectively, with the use of proper grammar

  • Oral Communication

    Using the English language, expresses thoughts verbally in a clear, effective, and compelling manner, in both conversations and formal presentations

My Relationship With Others

  • Adaptability

    Readily adjusts to changing situations and demands

  • Cultural Intelligence

    Demonstrates awareness of, and both respects and values, the cultures and beliefs of others

  • Team Building

    Capitalizes on individual talents to build purposeful cooperation and commitment in a team

  • Networking

    Appropriately initiates and effectively maintains relationships with peers, faculty, staff, alumni, and corporate contacts