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Sample MSBAIM Curriculum


Credits Title
3 Business Analytics
2 Marketing Management
2 IT Innovation and Competitive Advantage
2 Python Programming

Fall Module 1

Credits Title
2 Data Mining
2 Management of Organizational Data
2 Elective
2 Elective

Fall Module 2

Credits Title
2 IT Project Management
4 Optional Industry Practicum (cannot take fall IP)


Credits Title
2 IT Project Management
2 Elective
2 Elective

Spring Module 3

Credits Title
2 Advanced Business Analytics
2 Communication Persuasion (Full 16 weeks)
4 Industry Practicum (Full 16 weeks)

Spring Module 4

Credits Title
2 Spreadsheet Modeling and Simulation
0 Communication Persuasion
0 Industry Practicum

*Communication and Persuasion will be offered in both Modules 1 and 2. You should ensure you take it in either module.

Degree Requirements

Core: 17 Credits
Business foundation electives: 6 Restricted
Restricted electives: 8
Free electives: 5
Total: 36 credits

Students are free to select the number and type of electives to take during each semester. The layout of electives on this document serves as a suggested guide for students.

This is a sample MSBAIM curriculum and is subject to change.