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Connection is another important thing you need to consider after you come to Purdue. How to connect the wifi to check your email? How to connect your family to let them know you arrived campus safely? What are you going to do if you live in an apartment without wifi? All questions are related to connection.

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I. Internet


A. Wifi in apartment :

1. Apartment with wifi

If you chose to live in an apartment with wifi, it is already set up in your apartment. So you can just ask the administrator for your account and password. And use this to connect the free wifi.


2. Apartment without wifi--Set up Internet by yourself

This asks you to share your broadband internet connection with multiple devices. The procedure is as followed

a) Purchase a wireless router which fits to your house or room

* we can buy one at Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon, etc,.

b) Connect your router to your modem

* connect the router and the modem with an Internet cable.

(Most routers come packaged with a short Internet cable that you can use for this.)

* connect the modem to the WAN/Internet port on your router.


B. Wifi on campus:

1. Casual Steps(-When you are inside of a campus building):

a) Turn on your compter and ensure Wi-Fi is enabled

b) Chose PAL2.0 or PAL3.0

c) Log in with your Purdue Email ID and Passwords


2. Detail narration for Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android users is available in Purdue website. Click here to check.




II. Computer purchase


A. with Purdue student ID

1. Common way- Purchase through Purdue Itap

a) Use your student ID: Click here

b) Chose the brand you are going to buy, and the price in this page is already lower than the price in the official page .


2. Other websites to purchase

a) Itap: Click here

b) Bestbuy:Click here

c) Amazon: Click here


B. Special Discount: how to buy an Apple product in Bestbuy with a better discount?( each purdue email can only be used for one time!

1. If you don’t need your laptop immediately, you can wait for a discount day, there are many discount on BestBuy

2. When finally the Discount Day comes, the discount can be used with your student- price, which means you have double discount.

3. How to apply to get the student-price:

a) Bestbuy

b) Search Student Discount, then put your purdue email address to the screen you find;

c) An email will be sent to your purdue email account, with a coupon code inside, the coupon code is usually composed of characters and numbers;

d) Chose a computer you want

e) Pay for the computer and use the coupon code.

f) About the delivery:

* Put your address online ,and wait for your package;

* If the BestBuy shop nearby has the computer you want , you can go to the shop directly and take it at the shop.




III. Phones


A. Where to buy

1. Radio Shack at the Chauncy Hill Moll



2. Wireless inside Walmart



B. How to build your contract

1. process that need to get a 2-year contract phone:

a) Choose career : AT&T, Verizon, T-mobile, Sprint

* A monthly payment depends on what type of career you choose.

b) Ask a staff for available options . He or she will show you various options.


c) Choose model : Apple (iPhone), Samsung (Galaxy) etc.

* A monthly payment depends on what type of model you choose.


d) Pay the price, and you can use it!


2. Two real examples of a 2-year contract iPlone(There is a fee-difference between Radioshack and Wireless in Walmart, and details may change from that time to now.)

a) Example 1: iPhone 5s, AT&T, 2 year contract at Radio Shack

* First-time pay: $123.54

* Monthly payment : $65

* Deposite: $500

* Maximum usege of internet : 1 GB

★ If the usege exceeds 1 GB,another 500 MB will be added for $20 automatically


b) Examle 2: iPhone 5s, AT&T, 2 year contract at Walmart

* First-time pay: $149,

* Monthly payment: $60(Talking time + Internet useage is $20 for 300MB)

★ If the usege exceeds 300 MB, another 300 MB will be added for $20 automatically


3. Prepaid phone

a) Using a prepaid phone is one of options.Prepaid phone doesn’t have time limit.

b) Buy your Prepaid Phone in Walmart, it costs $129, and $30 per month, including100 minutes talking, free and unlimited messages, 5G internent

c) There is a limit of talking time. You will not be able to talk by phone when you exceeds the talk limit. In this situation, an additional payment is required.


4. Prepaid Card: For international call

a) Buy a Prepaid card in Walmart cost $30, and this card will not expire;

b) Dial 1-800-850-9524, then put in your card-number, then you can dail 011+ national number + district number+ phone number

c) Cost: $30 dollar can call to a Chinese number about 400 minutes