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This is a page of HOUSING.
You can search for various information about apartments around West Lafayette and Lafayette. (Introduction)

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Ⅰ. Check List for getting housing

(Things need to consider)


- APT name :

- Address :

- Tel :



How many bedrooms are available?

  - Bedroom# (       ), Size (      )

How many bathrooms are available?

  - Bathroom# (       ), Size (      )

How much is the rental fee?

  - Monthly fee ($      ), Deposit ($      )

Is there additional storage?

  - Y / N,  Size (      )

Public transportation

  - Bus (      ), Shuttle (      )

How far is it from campus?

  - Distnace (       ), Taking time (      )

Furnished or not?

  - Y / N, If yes, details (                                           )


  - Refregirator (       ), Washer (       ), Dryer (       )

  - Dishwasher (       ), Microwave (      ), Oven(      )


  - Pool (       ), Gym (       ), Club house (       )

  - Sport area(Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis)

  - Playgound (       ), Barbecue area (       )

  - Other(                       )

What kind of utility fees are there?

  - Electicity ( Y/ N, $        ), Water ( Y/ N, $        )

  - Internet ( Y/ N, $        ), Sewage ( Y/ N, $        )

  - Trash ( Y/ N, $        )

Parking lot

  - Y / N

  - How many? (      )

  - Extra fee (      )

Are pets allowed or not?

If allowed, Is there an additional fee?

  - Y / N , How many? (       )

  - Deposit ($       ) ,  Monthly fee ($       )

Who are the primary residents?

  - Family / Single

  - Under graduates / graduates

Available moving date(s)

  - (     /     /      ), (     /     /      ), (     /     /      )

Contract term

  - 3 mos, 6 mos, 1y


Ⅱ. Apartment List


A. Useful sites for getting information




B. Detail Information

Housing name

Pheasant Run Apartments

Chauncey Square

River Market


on the wabash

Purdue Village

The Cottages

Rental fee




(depend on person#)



(depend on Room#)

















Volleyball, gym, club house, tennis, Wifi,

Including everything you need

Gym, laundry room

Indoor pool, playground
(basketball, volleyball, baseball),gym

Gym, commuter
room, BBQ grill



CityBus (At corner)







Distance(to krannert)

8 miles

0.2 miles

0.4 miles

1.0 miles

1.2 miles

2.8 miles





(refrigerator, microwave oven, dishwasher)




(stove/oven, fridge, clothes washer/
dryer, and Air conditioner are equipped)


Utilities fee




$125 ~ $195


All utility fees are included in
monthly fee



700 sqft

950 sqft

648 sqft

811~873 sqft

Width: 11'4"

Length: 16'

1589 sqft


Allowed(deposit $300)

Not allowed

Not allowed

Allowed(deposit $150(once)

$25 per month)

Allowed(registered pets)

$250 first and $25 per month



Housing name


Salem Courthouse Apartment

Willowbrook West apartments

The Avenue

The Fairway

McCormick Place

Rental fee



(depend on Room#)


(depend on Room#)


(depend on Room# & Person#)


(depend on Room#)

















Gym, Swimming Pool, Tennis Court, Playground,

Central heating and A/C,


Tennis,volleyball courts,





Computer Lab,

BBQ grills,

Free cable/Internet,

Billiards room,

Coffee Bar,

Tanning Bed,


Basketball Courts,

Indoor basketball court, Pool, Hot tub, Volleyball court, Movie theater, Computer center, Free parking

A/C, Ceiling Fan, gym, pool, parking

Wifi, Gym, Pool





Bus(4B, 5B)

Bus(5A, 5B)

Bus (4B,23)


Distance(to krannert)

3.3 mile

3.1 mile

1.5 miles

4 miles

2.4 miles

3.3 miles



(refrig, dishwasher, washing machine, microwave, A/C, wifi)





(TV, dishwasher, microwave, laundry, WiFi,wired Internet)


(refrig, dishwasher, washing machine, microwave, A/C, wifi)


Utilities fee

Electricity,water, sewage







975 sqft

1bed: 651-803sqft 2bed: 923-933sqft

2 bed /1 bath: 1013 sqft

3 bed /2 bath: 1392 sqft

4 bed /2 bath: 1435 sqft

4 Bed/2 Bath 1115 sqft

4 Bed/4 Bath 1220 sqft

3 Bed/3 Bath 988 sqft

2 Bed/2 Bath 760 sqft

1 Bed/1 Bath 477 sqft

1 bed/1bath: 650 sqft

2 bed/1 bath: 890 sqft

3 bed/ 3bath: 1315 sqft

750 sqft




Allowed ($30/month)

Not allowed


Allowed(Dog, Cat)

* If there is a house what you want, please check the information once again by yourself.


Ⅲ. Advice, Testimonials


A. Advice (from BEB 2014 students)

1. Group 1

a. Search on websites, such as Boiler Apartments and Apartment Guide  is very useful. Ask for photos and videos. You can easily establish a conversation with them and feel comfortable with your choice.

b. Do not believe the websites too much.

c. Don't hurry. There are enough places. Take a good look about the options you have.

d. Check the utilities fee to make sure what kind of utility fees include.

e. Ask to person who live the house you want to live.

f. Have to consider about distance between the campus and your house depending on your transportation.

2. Group 2

a. Refer to GPIS information

b. Stay in Sublease, hotel (or Purdue village) for a while and look for real house

c. If possible, try to contact the person and ask for advice who are living in the apartment that you have interest

d. If you have a car, considering not only west lafayette but also lafayette

e. If you don’t have a car, consider to get an apartment or house that has furnitures.

f. Pay attention to utility fees, electric fee is usually not included.

g. Confirm location and also direction of a room (sunny or not)


B. Testimonials

1. Chauncey Square (C.M.)

a. Beautiful and well located place. Close to rawls and PMU with many amenities.  If Budget is not problem you will have a great time here.

b. Close to rawls and campus, Chauncey square has many amenities to enjoy. A bit pricey.

c. The right price for the right place. Rivermarket apartments are close to rawls, look like new, and with many restaurants and bar near.

2. Purdue villages (J.K.)

a. Convenience: Because the aprartment alreay has  eletricity, gas, internet and tv cables, air condition system, and water and trash, you don’t need to make a contract with individual utility company.

b. Location: It is very close to Rawls Hall(15minutes by walk) and T-rec(10minutes by walk) which is sport center.

c. Price: It is very cheap compared to other apartment.

3. Wabash landing apartment (T.O.)

chose my house for three reasons: close to Krannert, quiet, and convenient for single. It takes 10 min to Krannert on foot, and there is bus stop near apartment to Purdue. Though there are many apartments located near Krannert, many undergraduate students live there, and not be quiet around there. In addition, there are many restaurants around my apartment, and it is easy to access to the lafayette.

4. Salem Courthouse (Y.J.)

There are some reasons why I choose this apartment.

First, it is located on the good place for education for children. I can let my children go nice elementary schools, such as Happy hallow and Cumberrand, based on the school district. These are one of the best elementary schools in Indiana state.

Second, it is cheaper than other apartment, which has 2 bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms. Comparing with Paper mill located beside my house, it is almost 200$ cheaper than Paper mill. Even though Paper mill is bigger than my house, I think 2 bedrooms are enough to my family.

Third, there are lots of amenities such as markets(Wallmart, Maijer, Hanamart and menards), and lots of restaurants(Korean restaurant ect.), which are located within 10 minutes to get there by car.

Last, I can get good maintenance service from my house office. If I have emergency problems like no hot water, no heat, or no air conditioner, janitors will fix it during the day including weekend.

5. For one month rent apartment (M.R.)

I'm an special case because I was looking for one month rent apartment. I begin to look at internet (web pages such as,, etc) for sublease one month only. At Boiler apartments web site, I found out many options where you can choose to live alone or share your apartment with someone, can be more that one person. In addition, you have the alternative to find out the roommate that best fits your personality, there options as studious environmental, semi-studious, etc. Also you can choose your partners gender. My interest was for a female roommate in a semi studious  environmental. Moreover, as I wanted an walking distance apartment to Rawls Building because I don't have car and must of the time I will be at that building. Also I wanted an place near (walking distance) to a fitness center because I like to go everyday. Furthermore, a place where I can easily take bus to go other places like Walmart, shopping mall, Target, etc. On other part, I had an own budget for housing so my decision was based on rents no more than $500. I decided for the apartment at Harrison st. because it fits all my amenities, my budget and the location is excellent. Although, doesn’t have room a/c I feel comfortable.

6. Purdue Village (J.H.)

I considered several elements for choosing my apartment. I had to bring my family with me, so the priority of my concern was my children. Because they are young and I want them to experience something that can't be easy in my country. Thus, for the first time, I tried to find a town house with a small garden that would be totally different from apartment house, usual in my counrty. But most of them are expensive and plenty of "BY MYSELF" maintenance is needed.

So I went for the next option to find an apartment that will provide many experience for my family with reasonable price.

7. Beau Jardin apartment (H.S.)

- It was two bed rooms, wide space, swimming pool or gym, and good price. Since there were too many information about the housing, it was not easy to set up basic standard first time. So I looked at the GPIS pages from the Purdue and checked each apartment first time using web site and sometime call or email.

While I contacting each apartment, I removed ones that does not satisfy my conditions. Purdue village was one of most common choices of Korean people but they did not have two bedrooms when I asked. At that time, one day I found web site searching apartment and found my apartment now I am living. It has all conditions I needed. 2 bed room, wide space, good price, swimming pools, and even gym. This apartment was also included in the GPIS information so it seems to be reliable apartment. But I cannot still trust it by some pictures so I emailed to apartment office many times about cost, utilities conditions, and other detail problems of the house. There were many other apartments but they did not have two bedrooms, too small, or too expensive. Swimming pool was one of the options I was attractive to my apartment.

As a result, I made a deposit and I made a decision. When I arrived, I found that it is very close to payless, Walmart, car repairing shop, bus station, and even U hall. So my house is very convenient for living.

8. Black bird farm apartment (C.L.)

irst of all, I got a lot of information about housing through Purdue web site and korean students. Actually I have a plan to move here with my family, so I need 3 bedrooms. After serching for many houses, I sent emails to a few leasing office about availability  and rent fee. I found that there are a few apartments fitting for my need and budget. I discussed with my wife about my house, and I choosed the black bird farm apartment  because it’s amenties, fee and school district for my children is good for my family. After choosing, I sent a holding fee $320 by money order to book an apartment. The most important factor for me to choose the house is a education for my children. So I choosed a black bird farm is a boundary of Klondike elementary school. I would like to advise future.

9. McCormick Place (Y.L.)

a. Roommates:

Living with roommates or not has a huge effect on my decision, it related to the number of bedroom and bathrooms, the rent fee per month, and the requirements of roommates. For me , I had roommates before I came here and we are really good friends, so I believe living with roommates will make life less lonely.

And next is how many roommates do you want to live with? In my opinion, living with more than one roommate is a better idea. If you only have one roommate and  you two can’t work very well, it will be somehow embarrassed. But if you have one more roommate, maybe at least you can be friend with one of them and have more chance to fix problems.

And another suggestion is , if your roommate is heterosexual, getting an apartment with private bathroom will give you more space and privacy.

b. Location:

I made all choices related to location. My first apartment is in Chauncey Square, I got information about Chauncey from my senior and knew it is really close to Krannert and PMU.Its convenient but expensive. I built a 2-months contract and I need to get another cheaper apartment.

My first option is Lodge. It is really close to walmart, since I don’t have a drive license, close to a supermarket and bus stop is really important to me. And 1B pass the Lodge. But the only problem is it tooks about 30 to 40 minutes from Krannert to Lodge.

Finally I chosed McCormick Place, whitch is really cheap, cost about $375 per month, and most important is I can take 4B in both direction , to both Walmart and Krannert. At the same time, I can also take 8 and shuttle to school. This is really convenient.   

c. Furniture:

Since I don’t have a car.It is really important to chose an apartment with furniture. On the other hand,selling your furniture is a big thing you need to worry after your graduation.

10. Salem Courthouse (H.N.)

started searching for my apartment when I was in Japan. Three of my colleagues in my company were already studying at Krannert at that time and two of them lived with their family. I was also thinking to live with my family. Therefore, as a first step, I contacted to them to get information. Two colleagues who have family lived in Peppermill apartment. Their reason to choose Peppermill were follows.

  • Close to schools for kids, supermarket, hospital

  • Several Japanese families live there

  • Not far from Krannert (Bus is available between apartment and Krannert)

They also informed me of information about Salem Courthouse at that time. It is located just next to Peppermill. They said that maintenance is better compared to Peppermill and water fee is free(Rent fee of Peppermill does not include water fee). Based on the information, I actually visited these apartment and decided to choose Salem Courthouse. Rental fee of Salem is cheaper than Peppermill. This is also attractive point of Salem. Other options were “Peppermill” and ”Purdue village”. I didn’t think about Purdue village simply because my colleagues didn’t mention about this option and I misunderstood Purdue village was dormitory for single student. I should have visited Purdue village because it is cost effective (including internet, water and electricity).


Ⅳ. Leasing Terminology



Words and meaning


Addendum – An additional document may be added to the lease in special circumstances that are not addressed in the original lease. Pet fees, cleaning fees, or property maintenance fees may be examples included in an addendum.

Application – A document filled out by the prospective tenant which provides the landlord with enough information to permit a credit and/or background check. There is generally a fee associated with the application and terms may include the landlord taking the property off the market.


Credit Report – A report requested by a landlord identifying the prospective tenants purchasing and credit history. The purpose of the credit report is to determine the financial ability of the tenant to meet the terms of the lease.


Eviction – The legal process of removing a tenant or tenants from a property for not meeting the terms of the lease.


Guarantor – A person who agrees to pay the expenses should a tenant not meet the financial obligations agreed to after signing a lease. A guarantor is sometimes required when a tenant has no credit, a limited amount of credit, bad credit history, or a lack of suitable income.


Joint and Several Liability – A tenant and any roommate(s) are jointly responsible for any charges, rent, or damage to an apartment. The landlord has the right to pursue tenants individually or collectively to receive payment. It is important to find a trustworthy roommate because if they miss making a payment, the landlord may look to the other tenant(s) for the missing income.


Lease – A legally-binding contract which defines a rental agreement between the landlord and tenant. All rent details and conditions should be included in the lease including the price, lease length, dates of move-in and move-out, and any conditions agreed upon by both parties to the lease.

Lease Terms – This may have two distinct definitions. First, it could indicate the length of time the lease will be in effect. Most leases in the area are for a full 12 months. Second, terms are also the provisions of the lease. A term for allowing or not allowing pets would be an example.

Landlord – The owner and/or property manager of a unit or collection of units. The landlord may also be called a lessor.


Notice – Tenants must give a landlord notice as to whether they will be renewing their lease for an additional period of time, or moving out at the agreed upon date. A timeframe for notifying the landlord of said decision should be defined in the lease.


Ordinance – A law created by the city to address issues pertaining to city living. Noise levels, trash locations, and parking locations are examples that may fall under an ordinance.


Per-Bed Lease – Some landlords offer leases that are for a specific space or room in an apartment. Tenants rent the bedrooms individually and then share the common areas of the apartment.

Pro-rated – Costs may in some cases be split based on the time living in the apartment. For example, a person moving into an apartment the last week of the month may not be required to pay for the full month, but instead pay for each day calculated out proportionately.


Renter’s Insurance – Most landlords have insurance which covers the property but does not include tenant belongings. Renters insurance is a way for the tenant to protect himself/herself in the event of theft, fire, or other scenarios which cause damage to belongings. Some leases also indicate that renters insurance is required. Tenants insurance is relatively inexpensive and can usually be purchased through home or car insurance companies.


Security Deposit – An amount of money paid at lease signing to cover any damages or overages incurred while leasing the apartment.

Sublease – A tenant may find a suitable person to take over the apartment and rent costs provided the landlord allows for subleasing and has conducted a credit and/or background check on the potential tenant. Tenants should contact their landlord directly to discuss subleasing options.


Tenant – The person renting an apartment or house. The tenant may also be called the lessee.


Waiver – Agreeing to give up a right or action defined in the lease.


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