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Student Procedures

Before your school starts, as an international student, you should know the following procedures such as SEVIS compliance, student ID card, health insurance, E-mail account, etc. Here you’ll find that information.

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I. Documents


1. I-20

A. What is it?

proves that you are a Purdue University student. You must complete SEVIS compliance procedures soon after arriving at Purdue. To maintain I-20 (SEVIS) is very important during your stay in the US.

B. When do you need it?

1. To open your bank account

2. To make a contract with your apartment

3. To apply for Social Security Number or Card, Social Security Waiver letter.

4. To get a driver’s license

C. How do you complete SEVIS procedures?

1. Required documents : Passport,  I-94, I-20

2. Go to the ISS office. It is located in Schleman Hall of Student Services, Room #136.

3. Fill out the SEVIS Compliance form. (Name, Address, PUID, Emergency contacts etc.)

4. Final step, submit the form.

D. Tips / Advice

1. If you have dependants, you need to bring their passport, visa, I-94 and I-20.

2. After finishing SEVIS procedures, you must visit the ISS office again to meet with a counselor and answer some questions within 10 days.

3. This is MANDATORY. You have to watch the video at the following link beforehand going to the ISS office:


2. I-94

A. What is it?

I-94 is the Arrival / Departure Record, in either paper or electronic format, issued by a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Officer to foreign visitors entering the United States.

B. When do you need it?

1. To get a driver’s license at BMV

2. To register your car at BMV

3. As a general rule, non-U.S. citizens who are also non-U.S. permanent residents.

4. Departing the United States are required to surrender their Form I-94 when leaving the United States (Except for departing the United States for Canada or Mexico (only), for a trip of less than 30 days).

5. To apply for Social Security Number or Card, Social Security Waiver letter.

C. How do you get it?

Available online (


3. Student ID Card



A. What is it?

PUID card is an identification that you are a Purdue University student. It is issued after the orientation and check-in with the ISS office.

B. When do you need it?

1. Anytime you have to verify that you are a Purdue University student.

2. PUID card allows you to get free transportation on City Bus as well as to use CoRec (Purdue’s sports center) for free!

C. How do you get it?

1. Required documents : Passport,  I-94, I-20 (SEVIS)

2. Go to Purdue ID card office at the Purdue Memorial Union, Room 130.

3. Final step, submit documents, take a  picture and make your student ID card.

D. Tips / Advice

1. You must finish SEVIS procedures beforehand.

2. If you lost your card, you would need to pay $15 to get a new one.


4. Health Insurance


A. What is it?

type of insurance coverage that pays for medical and surgical expenses that are incurred by the insured. Health insurance can either reimburse the insured for expenses incurred from illness or injury or pay the care provider directly.

B. When do you need it?

1. To have a health check

2. Medical care

3. Immunization

4. TB test

C. How do you get it / do it?

1. Stop by PUSH (

2. Pay for charge of each semester

D. Tips / Advice

1. This medical insurance is mandatory for the international student.

2. Regarding TB test, if you have positive result, you should visit PUSH again for another test. Don’t be afraid about the positive result, because there are many students get positive. Finally, almost all of them have no problem to study here. When you go to PUSH, prepare 50$ and Purdue student’s ID card.


II. Bursar’s Office



A. What is it?

The Bursar’s Office is responsible for following matters.

1. Tuition & Fee Assessment

2. Invoicing & Payment Processing

3. Processing Remissions, Fellowships, & Outside Awards

4. Financial Aid Posting & Excess Aid Refunds

B. When do you need it?

You will receive information about tuition and other fees, as well as your invoice, from the Bursar’s Office. However, all of your financial transactions can be completed on-line via myPurdue and myPayment. This means you will not have to contact Bursar’s Office directly.

Important note:

Purdue University also communicates invoices and necessary information through electronic means.

C. How do you use it?

Again, you will not have to contact Bursar’s Office directly, but if you want to go there, you will find the Bursar’s Office in Hovde Hall, near the Registrar’s Office. When you are required to pay your tuition and other related fees, you will need to

1. Go to myPurdue ( Use your career account username and password to login.

2. From the myPurdue homepage, click on the Financial tab.

3. To reach the payment portal, click on the words in the Manage My Account – TouchNet Payment Portal.

4. After a few moments, you will be automatically logged into TouchNet.

5. From the TouchNet homepage, click on the Payments tab at the top of the page. Then, Select Make a Payment.

6. In the payment amount box, enter your tuition payment amount. Then click on continue.

7. Next you will select your payment method.

8. If you are paying with an electronic check, you will need the bank’s ABA Routing Number and your account number OR if you choose to pay by credit card, click on the Continue to PayPath button.

Note: you cannot use your debit card as a credit card payment.

9. Click “Continue” until the PayPath Payment Service Credit Card Billing Information page appears. Fill in the required information and select Continue.

10. You will be asked to confirm the information you entered. If it is correct, click the Submit button. Your tuition bill (or other fee) is now paid.

Important note:

When your checking, savings, or credit card payment has been processed, you will receive an on-screen confirmation notice. Please print and save this confirmation for your records. If you have provided an e-mail address under the My Profiles tab found on the TouchNet homepage, you will also receive a payment confirmation e-mail.


D. Tips / Advice

1. Making Payments

If you pay with electronic check, there is no additional charge. On the other hand, credit card payments are charged a 2.75% Convenience Fee.

Important note:

- Accepted cards include -

Master Card



American Express

2. Tuition is billed separately for Fall, Spring, and Summer.

3. Aid Awarded will show up as a credit on the invoice.

4. If you want an estimate of tuition for a semester, a tuition/fee/housing calculator is available online. (


E. Contact information:


III. Adjustment of E-mail Account


A. What is it?

Once you are accepted into Purdue University, you will be assigned your Purdue email address. This account is known as ‘’myMail’’ Account. To safely use the account comes with your unique user ID, you will need to move your email account to the Outlook server from the original myMail server.

B. How do you do it?

1. myMail

myMail is the name of Purdue’s email server; this server uses IMAP/POP email protocols.  These protocols have different pros/cons(which you can look up at

2. Outlook

Microsoft Outlook’s email protocols work in a more reliable way, according to the university.

You’ll need to choose which server to put your email account on complete this move soon after you arrive on campus. To use Microsoft Outlook’s server, following this process for safety and ease of use.

a. To change your email service, please go to the 'career account information' page, at

b. Log in with your Purdue career account username and password.

c. Click on the 'Change Mailbox' link, as shown below (outlined in red)



d. Click the button next to the Purdue email service that is appropriate for your role at the university. In our case we will choose ‘Purdue Exchange Server’ from ’Purdue myMail Service’


* Please be sure that your email in ‘myMail’ will be deleted in 7 days after you change your server. If there is important emails, you must forward them to your email address.

e. Click the ‘Save Changes’ button

f. Click ‘Log out’


C. Tips/ Advice

1. If you have further question, contact ‘Information Technology at Purdue (ITAP)

a. URL:

b. Email:

c. Phone:       On Campus: 44000,  Off Campus: 1-765-494-400

d. In Person:  Main floor of the Humanities, Social Science, and Education Library(HSSE)- Stewart Center 135

2. You can set up your myMail/Outlook account on your smartphones. See the following support pages.

a. myMail

For iOS users

For Android users

b. Outlook

For iOS users

For Android users


IV. Textbooks


A. What is it?

It is helpful to prepare and attend the class. And it will help us to widen our knowledge and prospective.  We can find two formats regarding textbooks. They are paperbooks and e-books.

B. When do you need it?

We have to read textbooks before and after the class to make large amount of knowledge to be internalized. And also we can refer to the textbooks while writing reports or preparing for exams.

C. How do you get it?

1. You can get textbooks in need both by online and offline. By purchasing online, you can save time for going out to visit a bookstore. But there are some limitations that you can’t check the book fully. Because the information about the book you have interest sometimes isn’t enough to decide to buy.

2. Oppositely, offline book-shopping offers us various information, so you can find other books without limitation. And in an urgent need for a textbook, it may be faster to go and buy one on offline store, since online shopping usually needs time for delivery at least one or more days.

3. Two representative online bookstores are Amazon and Barnes & Noble. For offline purchasing, we can find Purdue bookstore on the opposite side of the road acrossing Rawls Hall.

a. Online

There are two huge online bookstore in the US, one is Amazon( ) and the other is Barnes & Noble( In Amazon, you can enjoy shopping other things including textbooks.  Barnes and Noble also is another famous bookstore chain which has plenty of offline stores. The nearest BN offline store is located in the Tippecanoe Mall in Lafayette. The address is  “2323 Sagamore Pkwy S, Lafayette, IN 47905” and the phone number is (765) 449-4330. It is opened between 9AM and 10PM from Monday to Saturday and 9AM to 8PM, on Sunday.

For buying an used-book, you can find it on Craigslist(

As is mentioned before, you can buy the e-textbook in the online shopping. They sell e-books in Amazon and Barnes & Noble, too. But an e-book reader is required to read an e-book. There are many types of e-book reader, from mobile application to portable e-book reader, and they varies by the price, resolution, screen size, etc. One of the handicap using an e-book reader is that it is not applicable between bookstores. To be specific, you can’t read an e-book bought in Amazon with Nook that is for the e-book by Barnes & Noble. If you have a Kindle, you have to buy an e-book on Amazon. For your reference, the price of the Kindle is around $119 and the Nook is around $99. In spite of this shortcoming, many people are reading e-books because it is much cheaper than the paper version. Furthermore, it is environment-friendly and quick to buy & get. It can store SUPER MANY textbooks in it, so you can keep your bag lighter with the no-bulky e-book reader.

b. Offline

・Purdue Book store (In the underground you can find used books)                                           

Address: 360 W State St West Lafayette, IN 47906(Accross Rawls Hall)

Web address:

Business hour: 09:00AM ~ 06:00PM (From Monday to Thursday)

09:00AM ~ 05:30PM (On Friday)

10:00AM ~ 05:00PM (On Saturday)

On Sunday, It is closed

Before you drop by the store, you can search via website whether they have your book or not.

c. Renting

・Follett’s Purdue Bookstore

Web address :

Address: 1400 W State St, West Lafayette, IN 47906

Phone: (765) 743-9642

Business hour: 09:00AM ~ 06:00PM (From Monday to Friday)

10:00AM ~ 05:00PM (On Saturday)

11:00AM ~ 05:00PM (On Sunday)

・How do I rent?

You need to register and make your new account via website. Via websites you need to search for your course and section (if applicable). If they have one which you need, you should select the rental item available for your course. After choosing book, just add them to your shopping cart.  At last, you need to provide rental collateral and sign the rental agreement.

d. Used

・Facebook club : Free & For Sale

・At first, you need your purdue e-mail address to join this club. If you have your e-mail account, you should find this club at facebook through search engine, put “Free & For sale” in search engine.       


D. Advantage / disadvantage

1. Online

a. Amazon


If you use Amazon, you can save more money(up to 90%) and you can still sell it after use, which can be good way, if you think that you don’t need books anymore after class.


Sometimes need to wait for a long time before you get your book. There are maybe too many notes on books but you can’t check the book, before you actually pay for it.

b. Barnes & Nobles


You can get same advantages with buy at Amazon. In addition, you can drop by the store and find one which you want to buy without waiting delivery.


Disadvantages are exactly same with buying at Amazon.

2. Offline

a. Purdue Book store

When you want to buy used textbook off line, Purdue Book Store is a wise choice. You can get the book you need immediately, especially you have a class in the next day, you can also check the condition of the book before you actually pay for it. What’s more, you can sell your textbook in the same place after using it. But you may need to know that you can get less of a discount than you can get online.

3. Renting

a. Purdue

So if you think it is a big trouble to sell your book after using it, renting will be suitable for you. The price of renting is on average less than half of the new book, you can also put a little normal highlight and note. And if you are a registered user online, returning the book will be free. However, what you need to remember is that there is a late return fee. If you really need  this book, you have to pay extra money to buy it.

4. Used

Another way to get used textbook online is to use the Facebook Club: Free & For Sale. You can ask the salers more discount and check the book before you actually pay for it. But there are only limited the number of books, it may be hard to get the exact one you want.


E. Tips / Advice

Here are some tips to buy, use and resell the book . An important thing to check is the versions, because sometimes different versions may have the same cover. If you decide to buy it online, order it earlier than before your class start. And keep the book clean, do not put to much notes on it. These may help you to sell it. Last but not least, compare the price of new and used book on


V. Bank Account & Debit card


A. When do you need it?

1. Need to open your bank account and to make a Debit card for every kind of transaction in the US.

2. Necessary for international money transfer

B. Options

1.Chase Bank (Chauncy Village Branch)

2.Purdue Federal Credit Union (Purdue Memorial Union Branch)

* They are the two main options that most students use.

C. How do you get it?

1. Required documents : passport, I-20

2. Go to Chase/Purdue Federal Credit Union.

3. Final step, consult with a bank clerk and make your own bank account and Debit card

D. Tips / Advice

1. There is no big difference between Chase and Purdue Federal Credit Union. Both bank accounts and Debit cards can be used throughout the US.

2. If you chose Purdue Federal Credit Union, you can get a $20 Purdue Federal Visa gift card when you introduce your friends to Purdue Federal Credit Union and they make an account.

3. You can make payments and transfers online easily.


IX. Law


A. Most common laws students should know

1. Drinking alcoholic beverages outside restaurants or walking in the streets with alcoholic beverages is totally prohibited.

2. Persons under 21 years old are not allowed to drink alcoholic beverages.

3. You can’t drive a car without car insurance or operate a car while under influence at alcohol.

4. Bicyclist must ride as close as practicable to the right-hand edge of the roadway,  except under any of the following circumstances:

When overtaking and passing another vehicle proceeding in the same direction; or When preparing for a left turn at an intersection or into a private road or driveway.

5. If you have an infringement for breaking the law (e.g. Public intoxication, driving while under the influence of alcohol, drugs possession, etc.) You have to pay a fine or go to court, If you don't pay or you miss a court appointment, you will be arrested.

6. When you’re going to cross a street you must push button and wait for the walk signal. If there is a non-flashing don’t walk sign, you are not allowed to cross; it is possible to get a ticket.

B. Tips / Advice

1. Riding a bicycle without a helmet is allowed but is dangerous so we recommend to wear it every time.

2. Buying alcoholic beverage in stores (e.g. Walmart, liquor stores, etc.) on Sunday is not allowed, but you can enjoy an alcoholic drink at a restaurant on Sunday.

3. For more information, visit

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