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Purdue's Campus has many ways of getting around, whether you are going to class or headed in town. There are great bike paths and bike lanes as well as a fully funtioning bus system that is free to all students. And if you prefer to own your own car, there are plenty of parking garages and street parking options available. For information about obtaining a driver's license and requirements for owning a car then click on the car link or refer below.

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A. Where to buy?





Biclycle Shop

- Hodsonsbay: (

- Virtuous Cycles: (


for mania


- Walmart

- Meijer

- Sam’s club

- Target


for beginner and kid

On-line shop






for everyone

Used Market



for everyone


B. Rules (Laws and tips)

1. Laws

a. Riders have to follow the Indiana’s Bicycle Laws. Refer to below link.

b. Hand signals

Riders should use hand sigunals for other riders or car drivers. Below are basic four signals necessary for riding your bicycle.




2. Riding tips

a. Always Wear Your Helmet

b. Ride on the Right

c. Obey All Traffic Laws

d. Signal and Look before turning

e. Ride in a Predictable Manner            

f. Use Head and Tail Lights at Night

g. Keep Your Bike in Good Repair

h. Yield to Pedestrians

i. Ride Defensively


Ⅱ. City Bus


A. How to ride a bus

1. Go to a nearby bus stop. Of cource you have to check whether the bus you want to ride stops at the bus stop.  Bus stop locations are summerized at the website.

2. Wait for the bus at the bus stop.

3. When the bus approaches to you, waive your hand toward bus so that the driver can recognize you.

4. Ride the bus from the front side door and show your Purdue ID card or pay fare.

5. To let the driver know you want to get off, you have to pull the cord equipped inside the bus.


B. Bus fare - How to buy tickets

1. Show a driver your Purdue ID card, then you don’t need to pay.

2. If you haven’t gotten Purdue ID card yet, tell driver that you are a new student and show the driver some document relating to Purdue (such as I-20, pamphlet, brochure, etc.), then you can take the bus for free.

3. One-Way ticket: One-way ticket costs $1 per each tride ime irrespective of destination.

4. Day Pass: $2

a. It gives you unlimited rides for a day.

b. Tell the driver you need a Day Pass, then the driver will show you how to pay $2 to get it.

c. Insert the Day Pass into the ticket slot on the farebox

5. Monthly Pass: $28

a. Buy it at CityBus Office (1250 Canal Rd. in Lafayette)

b. Valid for the calender month


C. How to check the schedule of bus

1. App on Phone: Purdue Bus, Purdue (Searching keywords: Bus, for Purdue, Lafayette and West Lafayette)

  • If you use the “Purdue” application, you can chose the “Bus Routes” menu and see the current location and movement of bus that you want to take.

2. Check the routes you can see the route you will take can go to which stops.


Ⅲ. Transportation to Indy and Chicago


A. Amtrak (train)

1. Lafayette to Indy

a. Pick up location: Lafayette Amtrak station

b. Drop off location: Station Building (350 South Illinois Street Indianapolis, IN 46225)

c. Price: $16 - $90 (one-way)

d. Student discounts (

e. Reservations: Online

f. Departures: Once a day (10pm)

g. Travel time: 1hr 50min

h. URL:


2. Lafeyette to Chicago

a. Pick up location: Lafayette Amtrak station

b. Drop off location: Station Building (225 South Canal Street, Chicago, IL 60606)

c. Price: $20 - $130 (One-way)

d. Student discounts (

e. Reservations: Online

f. Departures: Once a day (7:33am)

g. Travel time: 3hr 30min

h. URL:


B. Shuttle Bus

1. Express Air Coach Shuttle ( to chicago Ohare Airport)

a. Pick up location : Purdue Memorial Union or Pudue Airport)

b. Price : $69

c. Travel Time : 3 hr

d. Frequency of service :

Weekdays - 3 times / day

Saturday - 5 times / day

Sunrday - 4 times / day

e. URL :

2. Lafayette Limo (to Indianapolis International Airport)

a. Pick up location : Follettes Purdue West Bookstore, Tarkington hall, Purdue Memorial Union, Courtyard by Marriott



b. Price : $27

c. Travel Time : 1 hr  50 min

d. Frequency of service : 9 times / day

e. URL:



3. Star of America (to Indianapolis International Airport)

a. Pick up location : Lafayette Limo Office, Four Points, Follett's Purdue West, Purdue Memorial Union, Best Western Lafayette  

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 11.27.00.png

b. Price : $15

c. Travel Time : 2 hr

d. Frequency of service : 9 times / day

e. URL:


* To Downtown Indianapolis you have to take a taxi/bus from Indianapolis International Airport. All shuttle buses from Lafayette left you at Indy Airport.



Ⅳ. Car


A. Driver’s licence

1. How to get the driver’s license?

You should take the writing test at first. After passing the writing test, you can take the driving test. When you take the writing test, you should bring the documents listed bellow.

a. Passsport with VISA

b. I-20

c. I-94

d. International license and original license (your country)

e. SSN or SS waiver(You can get at SSN Lafayette)

f. 2 proof of residence documents (house lease contract & bank statement )

g. Bring below your documentations needed to get a SS waiver. Passport, I-20, lots of time. (take waiting number)

2. Where to take test?

a. Lafayette: 2200 Elmwood Avenue, Suite C1, lafayette, in

b. West Lafayette: 720 West Navajo Street, West Lafayette, IN 47906

3. How to study?

a. Read the manual:

b. Use the free tools provided by the Department of Motor Vehicles to help you pass the test: 

c. Take the Indiana practice Test: 

d.Take the virtual tests 


B. How to buy a car

A car is one of the most expensive purchase in West Lafayette. To achieve a successful purchase, let’s understand the procedure, and learn the ropes to negotiate and get a car with a reasonable price.

1.Pros & Cons of buying a New/Used car

You may want to buy a brand new car. However, be sure that both new and used cars have merits and demerits, here is the pros and cons of each car type.



New Car


-Low risk of malfunction

-Looks cool.

-Expensive(depending on a car)

-High depreciation when you sell

Used Car

-Reasonable price

-A variety of cars are available

-Risk of malfunction


2. How to find a car that fits your interest

a. Search online

  • Using Kelly blue book( ) will help you to get a reasonable car value

b. Go to car dealers

  • There are many car dealers in Lafayette, Indianapolis, and Chicago. Be sure to check dealer shops’ website before visit.




Main car maker


Bob Rohrman

Honda, Toyota,Hyundai, Kia

- 821 Sagamore Parkway South,Lafayette

Kendrick Nissan


- State Rd. 26 & Creasy Lane Lafayette

Mike Raisor

Benz, Audi, Volkswagen, Ford

- 3960 St, Rd. 38 East Lafayette

Defouw BMW


320 sagamore parkway South, Lafayette




Main car maker


Terry Lee


8693 East, U.S Highway 36, Avon, In, 46123


Toyota, Honda

2550 North Shadeland Avenue Indianapolis IN 46219

* There are plenty of dealerships and you can find one very easily through googling.




Main car maker



Honda, Nissan, Mazda, Toyota

708 E, Northwest Highway, Arlington Heights, IL 60004

* There are plenty of dealerships and you can find one very easily through googling.


C. Private deal

  • Purdue students’ community on Facebook

*Group name : Free & For sale


D. How to transfer the title?

1. Go to the BMV office with followig documents

a. Title document signed by previous car owner

b. Passsport with VISA

c. I-20

d. I-94

e. International license and original license (your country)

f. SSN or SS waiver

g. 2 prooves of residence documents

* house lease contract & bank statement, etc

h. Car insurance policy

i. Bring Below yout documentations needed to get a SS waiver.

* Passport, I-20, lots of time. (take waiting number)

2. Pay the tax and get a temporary plate

a. Tax rate: 7% of the sale price

b. Receive a temporary number plate at BMV after submission and put it on your car until you recieve the new number plate


E. Car Insurance

1. How to find an Insurance Company?

a. If you have no time for research, ask the dealer to introduce a local agency

b. If you have time, you can compare the prices on the comparison site before buying a car


2. Required Information for the Enrollment

a. Type of the Car

b. Mileage of the car

c. Vin number

d. Included Car Options

e. Color of the Vehicle

f. Driver’s Age

g. License Number (Including International License)

h. Certification of Driving Experience

3. How can we Process an Enrollment?

a. Contact the Dealer (Phone call is possible)

b. Send the information that is required for enrollment

c. Get the enrollment document from dealer

d. Sign on the document and send it to the insurance company

e. You have to keep the insurance card in your car

4. Insurance Companies

a.  Progressive (Contacted Dealer: Jakey Kim 317-409-1080)

b.  State Farm (contacted dealer : Sunny Kim 317-629-6378)

c.  American Family (Contacted dealer : InSeop, Kim 888-853-9645)

d.  Geico

e.  AAA

f.  21st Century Insurance

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