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Full-Time MBA | Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Specialization

The Innovation and Technology Commercialization concentration starts in the Fall semester of the first year with seminars and site visits designed to introduce students to Purdue’s vibrant technology commercialization ecosystem. Students will also learn about the potential career paths and necessary skills for graduate students interested in joining either established technology-based companies or tech startups. Once students are familiar with the activities and resources on campus, the Spring semester will provide a wide range of opportunities to engage in projects with science and engineering faculty and graduate researchers, tech startups in our entrepreneurship center, business development managers in the office of technology commercialization, or even Purdue’s NSF Innovation Corps (I-Corps) program. Purdue, along with the Universities of Michigan and Illinois Urbana-Champaign, has been designated as a national I-Corps Node supporting the national program and the regional innovation ecosystem of over 25 universities in the Midwest.

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Career Focus

The ITC specialization or option is designed for students seeking positions in the area of business development, new product development, and product, technology, and innovation management in startups, early stage or established companies.

Suggested Plan of Study

Students should take 11 credit hours of approved courses to develop their knowledge and experience in the specialization, including required and elective courses.

Required Courses

  • MGMT 69000: Innovation and Technology Commercialization (Fall - 1 Credit)

AND One of the following experiential learning courses:

  • MGMT 69000: Innovation and Technology Commercialization Projects (Fall & Spring - 4 Credit)
  • MGMT 59000: Biomedship (Lean LaunchPad) ( Fall - 4 Credit)
  • MGMT 59000: Technology Entrepreneurship and Lean Startups (Spring - Lean LaunchPad) (4 Credit)

Elective Courses

  • ENTR 50000: Technology Realization Seminar (Fall - 2 Credit)
  • ENTR 50100: Technology Realization Workshop (Spring - 2 Credit)
  • MGMT 52000: Pricing Strategy and Analysis (Spring - 2 Credit)
  • MGMT 52100: Brand Management (Fall & Spring - 2 Credit)
  • MGMT 52200: New Product Development (Fall & Spring - 2 Credit)
  • MGMT 52300: Digital and Social Media Marketing (Spring - 2 Credit)
  • MGMT 64400: Venture Capital and Investment Banking (Fall - 2 Credit)
  • MGMT 64500: Student Managed Investment Fund (Fall – 1 Credit)
  • MGMT 65200: Management of New and Small Firms (Spring - 2 Credit)
  • MGMT 65500: Competitive Strategy (Spring - 2 Credit)
  • MGMT 69000: Technology Strategy (Spring – 2 Credits)
  • MGMT 69000: Management Projects (ELI) (Fall & Spring - 4 Credit)