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Full-Time MBA | Human Resource Management Specialization

The Krannert full time Human Resource Management (HR) Option is designed to provide students with a broad understanding of various HR topics and their relationship to individual and organizational performance. The HR track is designed for students interested in pursuing a career in Human Resources Management.

Students interested in pursuing the HR track must complete the following courses:

  • OBHR 63100: Human Resource Systems (should be taken 1st year, 2nd module)

    Human Resources Systems is an overview of selected human resource activities/systems for the future human resource professional. Emphasis will be placed on building skills in areas that will provide a foundation for future coursework in human resources management. Topics covered include planning and forecasting human resource needs, job analysis, design and evaluation of training systems, design of performance appraisal systems, and safety and health in the workplace. 3 credit hours

  • OBHR 64400: Staffing Tools

    This course provides an in-depth analysis of the methods used in staffing and selection processes. Methods used to evaluate individuals as well as methods used to evaluate selection and promotion tools will be studied. Emphasis on the processes of designing, administering, revising, and evaluating selection programs that comply with government regulation as well as add value to the organization. This course is designed for the future HR professional. Topics covered include: legal guidelines, reliability, validity, utility analysis, and evaluation of selection techniques. Concurrent Prerequisite: OBHR 63100 or 63300, MGMT 67100 or STAT 51200. 2 credit hours

  • OBHR 64500: Staffing Systems

    This course examines all aspects of the staffing process beginning with applicant recruitment and ending with termination and outplacement. Emphasis is on building skills that the general manager will need to evaluate, design, and implement these activities. Course is designed for the future manager, as well as the future HR professional. Topics will be addressed from an individual perspective, as well as an organizational perspective. Prerequisite: OBHR 63100 or 63300. 2 credit hours

  • OBHR 64200: Compensation and Reward Systems I

    The first course in a two-course master's-level sequence focusing on the use of rewards to achieve organizational objectives. Special emphasis is given to compensation as a particularly salient reward. Designed for HR professionals, the course examines the relationship between rewards and organizational characteristics to achieve effective reward practices. Lectures, discussions, case studies, and guest speakers are used to build competence in job evaluation, skill-based pay, and setting pay levels. Prerequisite(s): OBHR 63100 or 63300, MGMT 67100 or STAT 51200. 3 credit hours

  • OBHR 64000: Labor and Employee Relations (Industrial Relations I)

    An in-depth examination of human resource management in the context of union-management relations. Emphasis is on understanding how and why unions form, the legal context, and changing competitive environment for labor management relations. The course covers the dynamics of the collective bargaining process, including the determinants of bargaining power, preparation of labor contract demands, and negotiation tactics. The course culminates with an extended mock negotiation exercise. 2 credit hours