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Full-Time MBA | International Management Specialization

In today’s global marketplace, general managers working for any company must be sufficiently knowledgeable to anticipate and respond to, changes in economic and technological environments around the globe. The Krannert full time MBA International Management Specialization or Option provides future managers with a strategic view of the challenges and opportunities facing corporations, and with the knowledge and skills to deal with such changes. This specialization can either be the primary specialty of the MBA candidate or can enhance any of the traditional functional specialization areas.

Career Focus

The International Management Specialization provides an excellent background for general managerial positions, especially within multinational corporations. A cross-section of public and private sector positions in which the specialization area is useful includes:

  • Global corporations
  • Banks, insurance companies, stock brokerage, and real estate firms
  • Wholesale and retail sales operations
  • Consulting firms

Typical initial job titles include: Chief Executive, Purchasing Manager, Export Operations Manager, Global HR Specialist, Global Sourcing Leader, Country Manager, Sales Manager for Latin America, Europe, Asia, or Middle East.

Typical students in this specialization area generally express interest in employment outside the United States or with a multinational corporation. Previous study or work experience abroad and foreign language skills are useful.

Suggested Plan of Study

Students should take 10 hours of the elective courses listed below (or other courses as approved by the area advisor) to develop a strong background in the specialization.

MGMT 50900: International Accounting
MGMT 61500: International Financial Management
MGMT 66700: International Operations Management
MGMT 68800: Developing a Global Business Strategy
MGMT 69000: International Law

MGMT 69100: CIBER Global Business Project
OBHR 65000: International Human Resource Management
SA 59001: Study Abroad-Madrid (Business Between the EU & South America)
SA 59002: Study Abroad-Paris (International Marketing Dealing with Cultural Diversity)

SA 59004: Study Abroad-India (International Internship India)
SA 59005: Study Abroad-China (Doing Business in China)

MGMT 59000: Study Abroad-Chile (Business and Populism in Latin America)

Other Recommended Courses and Activities

This specialization can be effectively combined with any of the other specialization areas. Foreign Language and/or Culture courses would be beneficial. The following activities are recommended: Study Abroad Experiences, International Internship Experiences, International Case Competitions, International Project Courses, and informal language courses through Purdue’s Confucius Institute and the International Center.

Specialization Area Coordinator: Greg Hundley