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Full-Time MBA - Supply Chain Specialization

Many of today’s most successful firms attribute their success to a strategically managed global supply chain. The complexities of coordinating and collaborating within a global network of designers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers grows as businesses seek to attain a competitive advantage through carefully formulated strategies for managing flows in physical, informational and financial channels. The Krannert full time MBA Global Supply Chain Management Specialization or Option, gives future managers the opportunity to be on the forefront of emerging ideas and technologies that promise to provide a differentiating advantage to businesses in the future.

This specialization area encourages students to focus on managing issues associated with:

  • structuring, understanding and procuring from global supply chains that include domestic and foreign suppliers
  • servicing supply chains of global customers
  • coordinating supply chains that work across country boundaries


The interdisciplinary nature of the specialization makes it applicable for students pursuing any functional career; however it is especially useful for students seeking careers in:

  • Global Procurement
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Global operations
  • Global Supply Chains including logistics and transportation
  • Any field or industry with an international presence or mission
  • International Operations Manager
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Analyst
  • Operations Analyst
  • Service Operations
  • Risk Management
  • Operations Financial Analyst 


Major Employers

Cummins Inc., Caterpillar, E&J Gallo Vinyards, Saint Gobain Container, EATON, OFS Huntingburg, Sears, General Motors, Ford, Kimberly Clark, Corp., Terex, Target, Navistar, UTC divisions including Sikorsky and Otis Elevator, Oerlikon Fairfield, Dell, Starbucks, John Deere, Amazon, and many more!

Course Requirements

The Global Supply Chain Management specialization area is open to all students interested in the strategic role of supply chains in today’s firms and markets, regardless of major. There is no formal registration or enrollment; however, successful completion of the recommended curriculum will result in the award of a certificate to the accomplishing student. At the onset of the spring semester, an audit of all students’ completed course work (regardless of major or status) will reveal those students nearing completion of the area requirements. These students will receive a notice of their status, providing the opportunity to amend their course enrollments to satisfy these requirements. Any student not receiving such a notice is encouraged to make inquiries with the specialization area coordinator, Mary Pilotte.

The segmented requirements emphasize the interdisciplinary base of the specialization. Students must complete at least five elective courses, of which at least two courses should be from Group I and two courses from Group II.

Group I: Operations, Marketing, Quant Methods and MIS

  • MGMT 52200: New Product Design
  • MGMT 56100: Logistics
  • MGMT 56400: Mgmt of Service Operations
  • MGMT 57100: Data Mining
  • MGMT 59000: Strategic Sourcing & Purchasing Management
  • MGMT 59000: Digital Business & Information Strategies
  • MGMT 62300: Business Marketing
  • MGMT 64900: Marketing in a Global Economy
  • MGMT 66700: Global Supply Chain Management
  • MGMT 68400: Information Security for Managers

Group II: Finance, Accounting, Strategy and OBHR

  • MGMT 50900: International Accounting
  • MGMT 59000: Healthcare Supply Chains
  • MGMT 60200: Financial Statement Analysis
  • MGMT 60300:
  • MGMT 64300: Financial Risk Management
  • MGMT 64500: Mergers, Acquisitions & Corporate Control
  • MGMT 65500: Competitive Strategy
  • MGMT 66400: Supply Chain Management
  • MGMT 68800: Developing a Global Business Strategy
  • MGMT 69100: Tax & Business Strategy
  • OBHR 59000: Negotiations in Organizations
  • OBHR 65000: International HR Mgmt
  • OBHR 66900: Negotiations in Organizations

Group I or II

  • MGMT 59000: Washington Campus
  • SA 59000 Business in Spain and EU
  • SA 59000 Global Competitiveness of Transition Economies
  • SA 59000 International Internship India
  • SA 59000 International Marketing Diversity with Diversity
  • SA 59000 Strategies in Italian Entrepreneurship

(only after 2 classes from each group are achieved)

India Internship Study Abroad
China Study Abroad

Other Recommended Courses and Activities

This specialization can be effectively combined with any of the other specialization areas. In addition, the following opportunities are available:

  • Project courses
  • Study abroad experiences
  • International internship experience
  • Leadership opportunities in the GSCM Conference, February 11-12, 2010.

Professional Societies

These societies provide associated certification programs that may be of interest to GSCM students:

  • CSCMP – Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (formerly CLM – Council of Logistics Management)
  • ISM – Institute for Supply Management
  • CPM – Contingency Planning and Management