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BS in Engineering/Science + MBA Combined Degrees

Fastest Route for climbing the corporate ladder

BS in Engineering + MBA Programs:

The MBA is seen as a complement to the engineer's technical education, giving him/her an understanding of the business context within which many technical decisions are made. Many employers have a strong preference for hiring MBAs with engineering backgrounds, particularly in the manufacturing and technology sectors (in which Krannert and the College of Engineering enjoy many longstanding relationships with leading employers). The BS in Engineering + MBA combined degree will provide top engineering students an efficient and cost-effective path for developing management knowledge, as well as the highly valued credential of an MBA degree. It will also open new job opportunities for graduates which expedite their progression to high level management positions.

List of Programs:

•BS in Chemical Engineering + MBA BSChemE + MBA Fact Sheet
•BS in Electrical Engineering + MBA BSEE + MBA Fact Sheet
•BS in Industrial Engineering + MBA BSIE + MBA Fact Sheet
•BS in Mechanical Engineering + MBA BSME + MBA Fact Sheet
•BS in Computer Science + MBA BSCS + MBA Fact Sheet