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Greg, Shari, and Paula
Welcome and Boiler Up!
Purdue Krannert and MLT Pre-Application Seminar

Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT)

Purdue University Krannert School of Management in partnership with MLT looks forward to hosting you on campus for the MLT Pre-Application Seminar, July 28-30, 2017.

We have an exciting schedule packed with company presentations, alumni, campus tours and exclusive evening celebrations.

As part of Purdue University’s overarching and continuous initiative to promote human and intellectual diversity via a rich variety of populations and cultures, Purdue Krannert is happy to partner with MLT for this year’s Pre-Application Seminar.

In its mission to promote a new generation of diverse leaders while transforming lives, Management Leaders of Tomorrow (MLT) aligns directly with Krannert’s mission to enhance student experience while working diligently in collaboration with the Krannert Professional Development Center (KPDC) to connect boilers with some of the world’s most successful companies and Purdue alumni.

“This is a great opportunity to highlight Purdue’s diverse academic community. We’re especially honored to host this event as we prepare to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Dr. Cornell A. Bell Business Opportunity Program.”

David Hummels
Dr. Samuel R. Allen Dean of the Krannert School of Management

Discover the most Vibrant Ecosystem for Tech Commercialization

Step outside of theory and actually get down to business.
Within arm’s reach of every Krannert classroom is a dynamic idea factory—a real-world, practical R&D and business-startup ‘ecosystem’—that offers an unparalleled learning experience.

Happening right on campus, this higher-education/private-enterprise ‘merger’ is where investors, manufacturing partners, entrepreneurs, researchers, professors, alumni and students just like you are continuously turning the gears of industrial evolution.

By association, Krannert students have access to incredible needs-based opportunities where they receive hands-on experience commercializing, and optimizing in real operational settings, the very latest technologies.

Take a look at some of our resources on campus:

  • Burton D. Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship

    Tim Peoples - Burton D. Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship

    The Burton D. Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship (BDMCE) fosters and stimulates the understanding and application of entrepreneurship with faculty and students across the Purdue campus and with stakeholders throughout Indiana and the world.

    Learn More

  • Purdue Foundry

    Deron Leslie - Purdue Foundry

    The Purdue Foundry exists to help Purdue students, faculty and local alumni move ideas to the marketplace more quickly. It is a place to transform innovators into entrepreneurs by providing advice on entity formation, ideation, market analysis and business model development. We are focused on helping individuals at Purdue who have business or product ideas and want to turn them into a company. The process and passion for the success of each company is driven by the entrepreneur and while the Foundry provides support, education and additional tools to help each client reach success.

    Learn More

  • Purdue Discovery Park

    Purdue Discovery Park

    Discovery Park at Purdue University is a place where challenge and innovation converge, a hub where researchers move beyond traditional boundaries, collaborating across disciplines and with policy makers and business leaders to create solutions for a better world.

    Learn More

Did you Know?

  • Purdue Krannert #3 MBA Return on Investment – Bloomberg Business Week
  • 76 Purdue Startups Launched, 500 Technologies Liscenced and 460 U.S. Patents Issued
  • #12 Ranking in Fortune 500 CEOs
  • 1,300+ Unique Employers on Campus Every Semester
  • #3 Production/Operations Management – U.S. News & World Report
  • #1 STEM University for International Students – Department of Homeland Security
  • 3rd Best University Career Center Nationwide –

Hello and welcome

One of the entrances to the The Hello Walk consists of the sidewalks across Memorial Mall and along its perimeter. Plaques at either end of the east-west sidewalk between University Hall and Stewart Center encourage pedestrians to "smile and say hello to everyone you meet."

This is just one of the many traditions at Purdue University to help all that visit feel welcome and a part of the community. Purdue also has a constantly growing number of Cultural Centers where the community can share and learn about the many cultures that make up the Purdue family.


Lilly Logo

Eli Lilly and Company is a proud sponsor of this year’s MLT Pre-Application Seminar. As a leading pharmaceutical company headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana,  Lilly holds strong ties with Purdue University. With a promise to unite care with discovery, Lilly’s partnership with Purdue has evolved over the years to nurture aspiring entrepreneurs of all specializations while promoting the marriage of business and innovation.