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Admissions and Deadlines

Admissions Qualifications

Admission to the Weekend MBA program is conducted with rolling deadlines. This means that there are no specific deadline dates for Admissions, though new cohorts are initiated each August.

The Krannert Weekend MBA admissions office considers an applicant’s academic record, employment experience, and history (with general expectations of at least three years of credible work experience), employer recommendations, and, for certain applicants, GMAT or TOEFL scores. Online application forms must be completed, and a personal interview may be required.

As a world class management school, Purdue seeks to recruit top applicants. The Krannert School of Management strives to enroll a student body with a variety of skills and backgrounds that will work together to foster personal and professional growth in a dynamic learning environment. Applicants may request a GMAT waiver if they meet the following criteria: 3+ years of credible work experience & 3.0 average undergrad GPA. Those wishing to request a waiver should contact Gerry Janecko (, Program Manager for the Weekend MBA, to indicate their desire on the 3rd optional essay within the application.

To succeed in its mission, the admissions committee undertakes a holistic admission review process, considering many different elements. Our review of your application begins with an emphasis on the following factors:

  • Quality and quantity of work experience
  • Record of prior academic and professional training
  • Test scores

These factors help us determine your ability to take on the challenges of a master’s program. Just as important, we look at your ability to contribute to the program and Krannert’s ability to help you reach your personal and professional goals. For that reason, we also ask applicants for:

  • Recommendations (2)
  • Essays (listed below)
  • Current Professional Resume
  • Interview feedback 
  • KIRA video essay

To apply to the Weekend MBA, please select the following on the application:

Campus and Programs
Campus: West Lafayette (Main Campus)
Select your Proposed graduate Major (PWL): Management (MBA)

Program Details
Area of Interest: Weekend MBA
Degree Objective: Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Entry term: Fall 2019-this program only has a fall entry date

After you enter the program details, the Management (Executive MBA) Questionnaire will appear. This is where you will enter the Weekend MBA specific essays.

Weekend MBA Essays (For Fall 2019 Class and Beyond)

Two essay questions must be completed within the online application. For ease of review, please include the essay question itself above the text of your question response.
You are required to complete and submit the Statement of Purpose, along with TWO required essays (there is an optional essay).

  • Please describe your experience and/or philosophy as a leader, supervisor or team manager. What are some of the key challenges and successes you’ve had or expect to have? Limit your response to no more than 500 words.*
  • Team/Cohort Approach (600 words maximum): What are your expectations of a peer and team-based learning environment in which you go through the program with the same group of students?  As part of your answer, please mention what skills you bring to working within such an approach, with an emphasis on how you best learn and how you help others learn.*
  • Additional Contributions (300 words maximum): If you feel there are any parts of your application that require additional explanation or if there is any additional information you wish to share to help us fully understand your application, please share that information within this essay

Your Application Review

In order to fully facilitate the review of each candidate’s application, the admissions committee can render an admission decision only after receiving all required application materials, as within the online application and explained in more detail on the Application Requirements page. Subsequently, the Krannert School of Management and Purdue University require that all transcripts, documents, and supporting materials be fully authentic and therefore, we reserve the right to require verification. 

Application Requirements

When applying, follow the Admissions instructions to apply for “Weekend MBA applicants” (not Full-time MBA applicants).

Domestic MBA Students

International MBA Students

Program Costs:

For residents of Indiana, the Weekend MBA program fee is $50,984*
For non-residents of Indiana, the Weekend MBA program fee is $59,194
*All fees are subject to increase based on approval by the Purdue University Trustees

Financial Aid and Scholarships

We understand the need for your education to be affordable.  We also recognize your desire for a return on your educational investment.  Purdue's Krannert School of Management's MBA program continues to be ranked as one of the top programs for return on investment (ROI).

Weekend MBA scholarships are awarded to students to help lower cost of attending Purdue.  Applicants are asked to indicate on the third optional essay their interest in a program scholarship. The Krannert MBA and Master’s Programs Admissions Office will notify a candidate if they qualify. 

Many of our Weekend MBA students receive tuition assistance through their companies or consider need based financial aid loan programs. You can visit the Purdue Graduate School Funding Guide  to learn more about financial aid and funding resources.