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MS(A) Curriculum

MS Accounting Curriculum


Credits Course Number Course Title
3 *MGMT 63900 Advanced Auditing/Professional Practice
2 *MGMT 63410 Communications for Accountants
2 *MGMT 63400 Business Law for Accountants
3 **MGMT 50900 International Accounting, Masters only section
3 **MGMT 59000 Accounting Consulting for Entrepreneurship, Masters only section
0-3 Elective a.


Credits Course Number Course Title
3 **MGMT 53000 Financial Statement Analysis
3 **MGMT 53100 Governmental/Not for Profit Accounting, Masters only section
3 **MGMT 53200 Forensic Accounting, Masters only section
3 ** MGMT 59000 Accounting Ethics, Masters only section
3 ** MGMT 59000 Practicum in Taxation
0-3 Elective b.

Summer Internship Highly Recommended for those beginning the program in January

Students must complete 30 credit hours to graduate. In addition to 7 credit hours of required courses, students must take 11 credit hours of approved accounting electives and 12 credit hours of general electives.

* Required Course

**Approved Accounting Elective

Accounting Electives:

a. MGMT 50900, International Accounting (3 cr.)
b. MGMT 53000, Financial Statement Analysis (3 cr.)
c. MGMT 53100, Government/Not-for-Profit Accounting (3 cr., Masters only section)
d. MGMT 53200, Forensic Accounting (3 cr.)
e. MGMT 59000, Accounting Ethics (3 cr., Masters only section)
f. MGMT 59000, Advanced Tax (2 cr.)
g. MGMT 59000, International Taxation (2 cr., Masters only section)
h. MGMT 59000, Accounting Consulting for Entrepreneurship (Experiential Learning) (3 cr., Masters only section)
i. MGMT 59000, Practicum in Taxation (Experiential Learning) (3 cr.) Spring only
j. MGMT 59000, Research Methods in Accounting

General Electives (by consent of the program): Examples include Logistics, Advanced Business Writing, Securities Law, Law of Corporate Governance and Business Ethics, Leadership, Game Theory, Spreadsheet Modeling and Simulation, Data Mining and Business Analytics.

Recommended General Electives

a. MGMT 641: Options and Futures (2 Credit Hours), MGMT 561: Logistics (2 Credit Hours), MGMT 642: Portfolio Management (2 Credit Hours)

b. MGMT 570: Spreadsheet Modeling (2 Credit Hours), OBHR 662: Leadership (2 Credit Hours)

For a searchable directory of courses visit Purdue's online Course Catalog.