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MS(A) Curriculum

MS Accounting Curriculum


Credits Course Number Course Title
3 *MGMT 63900 Advanced Auditing & Audit Analytics
2 *MGMT 63400 Business Law for Accountants
2 **MGMT 63350 Accounting Data Analytics
2 **MGMT 63150 Private Equity Accounting
3 **MGMT 63450 Valuation and Financial Statement Analysis
3 **MGMT 63250 International Accounting
3 **MGMT 53100 Government and Nonprofit Accounting
Varies General Elective(s)


Credits Course Number Course Title
2 *MGMT 63410 Communication for Accountants
2 **MGMT 63850 Public Company Reporting and Regulation
3 **MGMT 63450 Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination
3 **MGMT 63650 Accounting Ethics
3 **MGMT 63550 Accounting Consulting for Entrepreneurs
3 **MGMT 63750 Advanced Taxation
Varies General Elective(s)

Summer Internship Highly Recommended for those beginning the program in January

Students must complete 30 credit hours to graduate. In addition to 7 credit hours of required courses, students must take at least 11 credit hours of accounting electives and up to 12 credit hours of general electives.

* Required Course

**Accounting Elective


General Electives (by consent of the program): Examples include Logistics, Advanced Business Writing, Securities Law, Law of Corporate Governance and Business Ethics, Leadership, Game Theory, Spreadsheet Modeling and Simulation, Data Mining and Business Analytics.

Recommended General Electives

  • MGMT 57000 Spreadsheet Modeling
  • MGMT 47300 Data Mining
  • MGMT 56100 Logistics
  • MGMT 58200 Management of Orgamization Data
  • MGMT 64100 Options and Futures
  • MGMT 64200 Portfolio Management
  • OBHR 66200 Leadership

For a searchable directory of courses visit Purdue's online Course Catalog.