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MS Finance Curriculum

Purdue University’s 10-month Master of Science in Finance (MSF) program enables you to earn a premier degree from one of the nation’s top business schools while requiring limited time away from the job field. In your classes at Purdue, your studies will include classes in accounting; mergers and acquisitions; economics; risk management; and more.

In addition, you’ll cultivate your leadership skills, expand your potential, and adopt a global perspective. Our program typically enrolls students from a wide variety of academic backgrounds, with most students in recent classes having degrees in various areas of business, economics, and engineering. There is no prerequisite course work as all MSF foundation courses are taught from the expectation that students do not have a prior background. Having a solid quantitative background, including completion of some college-level math or statistics course work, can be advantageous.

The MSF program is a STEM certified program. For details regarding the associated STEM OPT extension, please visit USCIS.

Your Coursework

To earn a Master of Science degree in Finance, you must complete 36 hours of coursework. Below is a sample track for our MSF students.

Summer Semester

Credits Course Number Course Title
2 MGMT 60000 Accounting for Managers
2 MGMT 67000 Business Analytics
2 MGMT 61000 Financial Management
2 MGMT 61400 Investments

Fall - Module 1

Credits Course Number Course Title
2 MGMT 60200 Valuation and Financial Statement Analysis
2 MGMT 64000 Financial Modeling
2 MGMT 61100 Advanced Corporate Finance
2 MGMT 64100 Options and Futures

Fall - Module 2

Credits Course Number Course Title
2 ECON 515 Financial Modeling II
2 MGMT 64200 Portfolio Management
2 MGMT 64500 Mergers, Acquisitions & Corporate Reconstructing

Spring Module 3

Credits Course Number Course Title
2 MGMT 61500 International Financial Management
2 MGMT 64300 Financial Risk Management
2 MGMT 67200 Advanced Business Analytics

Spring Module 4

Credits Course Number Course Title
2 ECON 57300** Financial Econometrics
2 MGMT 51100 Fixed Income Securities
2 MGMT 64700 Financial Engineering
2 MGMT 64400 Venture Capital & Investment Banking

* 16-week courses spanning the entire semester
** Course can be replaced by MGMT 57300 - Optimization Modeling with Spreadsheets
Total Credits: 36

Financial Econometrics Optional Extension (Additional tuition & fees)

Fall Module 1 

Credits Course Number Course Title
2 MGMT 59000 R for Analytics
0 MGMT 56200* Econometrics I

Fall Module 2

Credits Course Number Course Title
2 MGMT 59000 Web Data Analytics
3 MGMT 56200* Econometrics I

For a searchable directory of courses visit Purdue's online Course Catalog.