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Financial Aid | MSHRM

Purdue understands that funding your education can be an overwhelming challenge, and we work diligently to assist you in helping pay for your education.

Scholarships and Purdue Graduate Assistantships
Each year, Purdue offers top applicants assistantship opportunities and scholarships to help reduce the cost of attending the Krannert School of Management. These merit-based awards do not require any additional application as all applicants are considered. Graduate Assistantships involve approximately 10 hours of work per week and provide a monthly stipend and significant remission of tuition and fees. (Please note: Graduate Assistantships are only available for MBA and MSHRM applicants)

Specific placement is determined after we have had the opportunity to assess your interest, skills, and experience.

  • Scholarship Round 1 Release (Early Round) December 2
  • Scholarship Round 2 Release (Priority Round) January 29
  • Scholarship Round 3 Release (Final International Round) March 16
  • Scholarship Round 4 Release (Final Domestic Round) May 15

Additional sources of funding

Additional Graduate Assistantships and Employment

Students can also secure graduate assistantships outside of the Krannert School of Management, based upon their special skills and expertise. While Purdue staff does not play any role in identifying potential positions or in the selection of these graduate assistants, we do encourage students to use the resources available to find available positions. There are also opportunities for students to find employment outside of the master’s programs, working for the University or in the Lafayette/West Lafayette area, although these would not include any type of tuition remission.