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Jacob Staying Healthy  Tips and Resources to Stay Healthy as a Full-Time Student

 If you think MBA school is just about improving your managerial skills, you'd be wrong. There are multiple free services included in your tuition that will drastically improve your health.

pushpinder 100x100An MBA Salary Is Only One of the Many Benefits of an MBA

Certainly, a resume boost is always nice. However, pursuing an MBA gives you four other benefits.

fatih and carrie investing in their careers through networkingHow to Navigate the Networking Waters

You may not love to do it, but networking is an important investment for your career. We talk why to network and how to successfully navigate the networking waters.

AlexA Wold of Opportunities

MS Business Analytics and Information Management student, Alex Hartman, shares the impact of the real world and global experiences he has encountered through his graduate experience at the Krannert School of Management. 

march hero imageInvesting in Your Career: What's the ROI of an MBA?

Deciding whether to pursue an MBA and comparing different programs can be overwhelming. We have instructions on finding the ROI of different programs to help.

Ashley RobinsonThe Face of Leadership: Continuous Learning and Cross-Functional Opportunities

MS Human Resource Management student, Ashley Robinson, discusses leadership opportunities, the Human Resources field and future career pursuits.

Heather Goodwin MBA RecruitingThe MBA Financial Factors You Need to Consider

There are multiple things you should consider before you decide whether to pursue an MBA or which program to enter into. Consider these financial factors first.

Scott Nelson MBA RecruitingHow to Advance Your Career from College Student to Business Professional

Did you know group projects and presentations can help you land your dream job? Learn how to advance your career.

Heather Goodwin MBA RecruitingThe Shareconomy Shift: Krannert Grad Co-founder of France's Hottest Delivery App

Alumnus and shareconomy entrepreneur, Antoine Cheul, reflects on his Krannert graduate experience and his business, one of the fastest growing apps in France, Shopopop.

Heather Goodwin MBA RecruitingInnovation Leadership: The Skill Missing from Most MBA Programs

Many MBA programs fall short in teaching the “people skills” part of leadership. Find out how Krannert provides innovation leadership opportunities for our students.

Nick Rambo MBA RecruitingExperiential Learning Project: An Opportunity at a Top Midwest Grad School

An Experiential Learning Project is a course offered for second-year MBA students. Learn about student Isabel Lins de Castro's experience.

Scott Nelson MBA RecruitingBenefits of a Business Degree at Krannert: From Traditions to Arts and Culture

Traditions, diversity, athletics, and arts and culture are just some of the benefits of a business degree at Purdue. Read about all the different ways to make the most of your time at Purdue.

Heather Goodwin MBA Recruiting7 Tips for Weekend MBA Students to Seamlessly Return From Holiday Break

Returning from winter break can be difficult on Weekend MBA students. We’ve compiled a list of tips to help get you back on track after the holidays.

Scott Nelson MBA RecruitingWe've Got the Answer on How to Advance Your Career

At Purdue you can advance your career, raise your income, and gain work experience with an MBA. Learn the practices successful students do before and after their MBA program to set themselves up for success.

Nick Rambo MBA RecruitingFive Startup Tips for the Modern Entrepreneur

As a modern entrepreneur, successfully launching your startup is of upmost importance. Review our list of five startup tips and learn how the Purdue Foundry can help make your startup a success.

Heather Goodwin MBA RecruitingFour Essential Traits of a Leader

Many of our students, especially our Weekend MBA students, are looking for knowledge and expertise to move into leadership roles in their career, or even start their own company. With this in mind, we’ve compiled our list of four essential traits of leaders.

Scott Nelson MBA Recruiting13 Successful Purdue Startups

Purdue has long been a leader in innovation and entrepreneurship. We are constantly amazed at the students and professors that fill our classrooms and make a difference in the world through their ideas. Learn about 13 successful startups from the Krannert community.

Nick Rambo MBA RecruitingSeven Study Hacks for the GMAT

We often get calls from hopeful students who recognize the benefits of an MBA and are seeking to know the GMAT score they need to achieve to be considered for a Krannert School of Management master’s program. With this in mind, we’ve compiled this blog post with seven of our best study hacks for the GMAT.

Lonn MeyerWhy I Chose to Pursue an MBA at Purdue

Like most individuals who have been working in industry for a few years, I was nervous about taking the leap toward pursuing a Full-Time MBA. I’m simply talking about whether or not to pursue an MBA, not to mention the type of schools I should be considering. 

Summer Intership Experience

This summer I had the opportunity to intern with Emerson. I was a part of the Commercial & Residential solutions division, working on the warranty administration process for refrigeration and air conditioning products. This was an incredible experience that granted me exposure to several areas of business I had not been involved with yet, forced me to learn a new industry, and practice many of the skills I had learned at Krannert.

Jessica Rush_Purdue Krannert

MLT Welcome from Purdue MBA Alumna

MLT has had such an incalculable influence on my life. Reflecting back to my MBAP years, my coach Krista saw potential in me that I did not yet see in myself.  With her help, I was able to discover the confidence and security that I am forever grateful.

Murilo Siqueira_Purdue KrannertInternational MBA Success: More Collaboration, Less Competition

Originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil with an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering and specialization in Materials Science, the now 2nd year MBA student credits his numerous pre-graduation job offers and summer internship to his time here at Purdue Krannert.

Kinshuk Sharma_Purdue Krannert

Top Ranked Sportsman and Student: Professional Tennis to Purdue

November 2011 was when I played my last competitive tennis tournament. It was an All-India Men’s Tournament played in my hometown. I still vividly remember that moment.

Ramsey Bradke_Purdue Krannert

KGSA Presidential Prelude: Ramsey Bradke

Instead of working for government officials in Indiana during the summer, I am working for the upstream division of Shell Oil and Gas in Houston.

Brandon Bednar_Purdue Krannert

4 Work-Life Balance Tips Every Boiler Should Know

As a full-time dad, MBA student and graduate assistant, Brandon Bednar gives some helpful advice to future and current boilers.

Sheldon Anderson_Purdue Krannert MBA

My Best Investment Yet: Purdue Krannert MBA

When Florida native Sheldon Anderson first stepped foot into Rawls on Krannert Ignite week-end last April, there was something contagious about his energy and excitement to begin his much awaited MBA journey.

Steven Sanders_Purdue Krannert MBA

Chemical Engineer by Trade, Boiler Businessman to Be

As a chemical engineer by trade, I was expecting my MBA program to be soft-skill focused. It’s not. Everything we do at Krannert is analytical, from evaluating probabilistic returns on investment, to planning employee engagement studies.

Andrea Puterbaugh_Purdue Krannert MBA

Home for the Holidays

To me, the holidays are all about being with the people that I love. They are about enjoying traditions both old and new while appreciating all of the wonderful things I have been blessed to have in my life.

Johanna Bing_Purdue Krannert MBA

An International Success: One Student's Perspective on Purdue

Pursuing an MS in Accounting, let alone in the States, was not always on Bing’s radar. Prior to Purdue, Bing was living in Stuttgart, Germany interning with Ernst and Young- attending Reutlingen University, Purdue Krannert’ s partner business school.

Dennis Hernandez_Purdue Krannert MBA

Feedback from a Full-Timer: From Indiana to India

Originally hailing from El Salvador and having a total of 4 years’ experience working in the global supply chain industry with nearly every continent, Hernandez is no stranger to world-wide operations.

Christian Bencid_Purdue Krannert

Career Fair Forcast: 3 Tips to Securing Your Dream Job

Last week students from all majors and backgrounds suited up for a chance to land their dream job. Here are my three pieces of advice to MBA and MS students prior to attending upcoming career fairs...

Travis Baugh_Purdue Krannert

College Sports and a Case Competition to Remember

College sports have been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. I grew up watching Drew Brees throw touchdowns at Ross-Ade Stadium and went on to cover college football for The Exponent, Gold and Black Illustrated and Sports Illustrated’s

Rucha Vijay_Purdue Krannert

Getting Local and Giving Back: One MBA Student Helps Fight Hunger

We tend to take our basic necessities such as food, clothing and shelter for granted, but it was a real eye-opener when I found out that 1 in 7 people are in need of food in the United States. Therefore, I decided to do my bit, not just think but act!

Brandon Bednar_Purdue Krannert

A Boiler Beginning: MBA Orientation Week

Anything worth doing is worth doing well, and Purdue University's Krannert School of Management seems to fully understand that.

Naotaka Ikeda

Passionate Peers and Global Business: Making Interactions that Count

As a current MBA student, I now realize that there may be no such thing as a perfectly equipped businessperson. I have learned that even though MBA students are highly intelligent and dedicated, they still struggle to solve everyday problems - thus I have learned the importance of collaboration.

Garima Namdeo_Krannert Global Supply Chain Mgmt

Linguistic Relativity and its Business World Implications

We live in an age of technology, where geographical boundaries are losing their relevance, our economies are becoming increasingly interdependent, friendships are turning into investments and societies are transforming in record time.

Travis Baugh_Purdue Krannert MBA

The Art and Science of Marketing: My Internship with Allegian

Marketing has transformed from an art to an art and a science in recent years. New programs, tools and technologies have amplified the amount of data available to enhance the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, materials, and promotions.

Alex Williams_Purdue Krannert MBA

Communicating Across Cultures: My Global Marketing Internship Experience

Purdue Krannert School of Management has one of the most diverse student populations of any business school in the country that includes a 40 percent international population.

Alex Williams_Purdue Krannert MBAThe Ins and Outs of an Internship in International Business

Walking into a new position is a nerve-wracking experience. You may not know exactly what you will be doing or who you will be working with, and you probably will not have a firm grasp of the company culture.

Alex Williams_Purdue Krannert MBAMastering the Midwest: A Welcoming Look into Purdue Krannert

Pursuing my MBA was the best decision I ever made. Initially, I was apprehensive about coming to the Midwest because of the winters and the concern that I would be living in farmland.

Dennis Hernandez_Purdue Krannert MBA

My Team. My Friends. My Krannert MBA.

One of my fondest memories at Purdue was going out for waffles for the first time with my teammates, at 5 a.m. in the morning, after a 24 hour case competition.

John Stephens_Purdue Krannert MBAGetting in the Challenge and Out of the Comfort Zone

I always knew I wanted to continue my education, the dilemma I faced was choosing law school vs. MBA vs. JD-MBA. After looking at all of the numbers, I chose an MBA.

Lamis Sleiman_Purdue Krannert MBAFrom Lebanon to Lafayette: First Year MBA Student's Journey

Having visited Krannert in 2014, Lamis Sleiman, 1st Year MBA student, “was convinced that she needed to be a part of the program.”

Priyadarshini Mukherjee_Krannert Masters ProgramPeople, Perspective and the Power of the Krannert Experience

Recently isted as one of the top MBA Students in the country by Poets & Quants, recent Krannert MBA alumnus Adam Ruri shares some key pieces of advice for incoming students.

Priyadarshini Mukherjee_Krannert Masters ProgramFar from Home but Close to Kin: The Krannert Family

Having lived most of my life in India, I was skeptical about coming to the US for my MBA and then working here. I was apprehensive about the culture and how I would fit in.

TiagoLeal_Krannert Masters ProgramCrossing the MBA Finish Line

It all starts with orientation week; we come from all parts of the globe and here we are, in formation and ready to jump into the fast lane. There are many expectations, and everyone wants to make it to the podium to kiss the bricks, but we are not quite sure what to expect as the to-do-lists only get longer day after day.

Don Roush_Krannert Masters ProgramExploring the Hybrid MBA

We believe the changes will have several benefits. First, [the hybrid program] allows participants to miss less time at work without losing contact hours with their instructors. Second, it gives them the opportunity to do prep work online that will offer deeper discussion and understanding of course material in their classroom meetings.

Shane McGuire_Krannert Masters Program

Reaching New Heights: Student-led Business Makes Going to the Beyond a Reality

With aspirations of one day opening a donut food truck on campus, second-year MBA student Shane McGuire is no stranger to profitable endeavors. 9 months ago, McGuire was referred by a classmate to apply for a business consultant position with an aeronautical engineering startup on Purdue’s campus called Adranos Energetics LLC.

Pauline Lamboley_Krannert Masters ProgramHead over Heels: Women Conquering the Business World

Over my time here at Krannert, I have experienced many kinds of differences, or diversity as people like to call it. “Diversity” has a more positive connotation. You are not ‘different” from a standard, but simply one of its many expressions. Like the paint fan decks, every student is a shade among others with a unique hue, brightness, warmth, texture.

David Rennard_Krannert MBAThe Mind of a Maker: Interview with Adam Beal, VP of Vibronix

When I came to Krannert, my goal was to start a company. I knew that wasn’t an uncommon goal for someone attending a top tier school. You have 2 years, free time, resources and connections- it’s a good time to do it.

David Rennard_Krannert MBARisky Business: Secret to Student Success

There is a culture of support at Krannert, and if you want to try something it's not like you have to go out on a limb because it's a safe and healthy place to do just that. I imagine other schools spend less time focusing on teamwork and helping each other.

Jenna Strahm, Krannert MS MarketingGroundhog Day: KGSA President Predictions

Equipped with fresh ideas, Atal has a distinct mission to strengthen the Krannert community with an emphasis on assisting international students with the various challenges presented in such circumstances. At the same time, she is prepared to address student ideas and concerns in order to create concrete initiatives and set a foundation for future classes.

Jenna Strahm, Krannert MS MarketingKrannert Experience Top Takeaways

When I decided to leave a full-time job in Public Health to pursue a Master’s degree in Marketing, I thought I might be a little crazy. I knew that studying at a business school would be entirely different from any other experience I’ve had in my professional career.

AndreaFinding the Right Internship

One of the most daunting tasks facing current MBA students is the challenge of finding an internship. Not only do you have to mingle with companies to find one that you think is a good option, you then have to make a decision about which will be the best fit. When choosing an internship, you must think about your role preference while simultaneously considering many other factors.

AndreaApproaching Finals

As the end of the semester approaches, I cannot help but reflect on how much I have already received from my time in Krannert. When I was originally deciding if pursing my MBA was the right choice, there were a lot of things that I had to take into consideration. I had to decide if the cost, time and effort involved in furthering my education would be worth it.

Advice to Future StudentsSarah Connolly

As a second year MS Human Resource Management (MSHRM) student, Sarah Connolly is wrapping up her time as a graduate student at Krannert. Sarah hopes to work in a human resources role within a university where she would be able to work with students and have a direct impact on their lives every day.


Andrea PuterbaughSaving Money as a Master's Student

Coming right off of my undergraduate degree, the last thing I wanted to do was accumulate a lot of student debt while I obtained my MBA. By following the tips listed below, I have been able to cut costs and put myself in a good position upon graduation.


Andrea PuterbaughThankful

As Thanksgiving approaches, we have time to think about all the things for which we can be thankful. First-Year MBA students Andrea Puterbaugh and Travis Baugh reflect on what they're thankful for within their program and at Purdue University.

KashifTips for Finding the Right Internship

Some first-year Master’s students already have internship offers lined up for the summer. If you have an internship lined up, congratulations! If not, here are a few helpful tips from Krannert alumni Kashif Khan to help you as you continue your search for an internship.

Koji YamadaThe Value of Commitment

There are many skills which will help someone within the business world succeed. Examples include hard work, honesty, intellect, fairness, and many other skills. While all of these are important in business, there is one characteristic that stands out to me. Commitment.


Koji YamadaA Cultural Journey

As an international student coming to the United States, Koji Yamada had certain perceptions of what he believed America would be like. He knew that he would face many challenges, but he came prepared to work hard and dedicate himself to his education. Since beginning his education, he has also had many invaluable learning experiences which have helped him grow as an individual.

Andrea PuterbaughThe Krannert Family

I anticipated there would be several changes as I made the transition from a Krannert undergraduate student to a Krannert Master’s student. I knew that the program would be split up into modules instead of semesters. Courses would move at a much faster and more intense pace.  Preparing ourselves for successful careers would be just as important as our grades and classwork.

Andrea PuterbaughCase Competitions and Chances to Grow

After a week of countless hours of studying and sleep, I am happy to share that we survived our first round of finals. Now that we have taken a short break, it is time to get back into the swing of things and nothing helps you do that quite like a case competition. I was excited to have the opportunity to participate in the Krannert Graduate Student Association’s annual case competition which was sponsored by Amazon and AT Kearney. It was still an excellent experience and I learned a great deal from it. 

Andrea PuterbaughPrepare Now For Your Admissions Interview

Although all components of your application are considered in a holistic view, the admissions interview gives a more personal opportunity to combine your unique character with your accomplishments.  Whether you have completed your application or just begun, the interview is a must-have for all incoming students.  The earlier you start to prepare, the more confident you will be in your interview.

Andrea PuterbaughAdventures as a First-Year MBA Student

It is hard to believe that the first round of classes is nearly over. Module one is coming to a close, and even though it has only been about eight weeks since we officially started our Krannert journey, I have already learned quite a bit. We have discovered that many of the opportunities to learn are not necessarily found within the walls of a classroom. Some of the most important things we have learned so far have been through experiences that have presented themselves in working with peers or in situations that have come up.

Joel Stubbs Head shot20,995,200 Seconds

It has been 243 days since I arrived here at Purdue to complete my 2-year MBA. 243 days, that is the equivalent to 20,995,200 seconds, each of which a weight sat on my chest. The weight represented the task of finding and securing an internship, solidifying my career path of working within the financial services sector, and accomplishing what I set out to achieve.

Wake Forest Case CompetitionWake Forest Case Competition

This year, Krannert had six teams participating at the first round of the prestigious Wake Forest Marketing Analytics Case Competition. For the first round, the teams had to work on a mini-case about the carbonated soft-drink market. In addition, a two-minute team video had to be prepared.

Students at Louis VuittonMy Spring Break Trip to Europe

I had an amazing experience studying abroad in both Paris and Madrid. For the first week, I was in Paris.

Caitlin ThumbnailA Lasting Legacy: Caitlin McPherson

When you talk to Caitlin McPherson, it doesn’t take much to see that her love of Purdue runs deep. I sat down with Caitlin to learn more about that passion and how she has been helping to strengthen the Krannert community.

Colleen ThumbnailKrannert Leaders Enhance B-School Education in Washington DC

During the last week of winter break, I had the opportunity to attend The Washington Campus: Public Policy Education for Business Leaders, an intensive week long program in Washington, D.C., sponsored by the Krannert School of Management.

Group of Students at Duke MBAIn Pursuit of Dreams: Dawn Edwards

Many non-traditional opportunities are available to MBA students after b-school.  In order to discover these, it takes just a little extra digging. Dawn Edwards, a second-year MBA candidate with concentrations in Operations and Finance, used her MBA to pursue her dreams of a career in hospital administration.  

The next step is an essteemed fellowship in hospital operations and management.   

Students with NBMBA SignMy Journey to Krannert

I am a First-Year MBA student, and I can say that moving is part of my DNA. In the last five years I’ve moved about six times, including moving to 3 different cities and a new country.


Hiroka in ZambiaMy Summer in Zambia

This summer I worked for Alliance Forum Foundation (AFF) in Zambia. It was a really amazing and important experience for my career and life.

Cara PutmanMaking Dreams a Reality: Cara Putman

Cara Putman is not your average woman. She does it all. From spending time with her family, a busy career in law, writing novels, and teaching graduate classes in business law at Purdue, it seems like there would be no time for taking MBA classes. But that hasn’t stopped Cara from excelling in Krannert's Weekend MBA program.

Group of Students at National BlackMy Job Fair Experience

Since our first day at Krannert, professors, alumni and friends have been telling us how important the career fairs are. But what is the best way to go about tackling them?

Baton twirlersBeing Involved in Something You're Passionate About: Annemarie Heise

There are other options out there besides the typical graduate assistantships for students looking to work. Annemarie Heise, Second-Year MBA student at the Krannert School of Management, tells us more about her role untraditional role on campus and how it has helped her both personally and professionally.

Purdue Sign SmallLife as a Boliermaker! 

The weeks are flying by. Since the fast paced program is broken up into modules, I have already experienced my first few business school midterms. Now that the dust has settled, I can say that I feel good about all that I have accomplished. 

Dana Football GameThe Beginning...

Early on Monday, August 11th, over 100 well-dressed individuals descended upon PMU for Krannert Launch, the beginning of our journey towards obtaining a master’s degree. I was experiencing many different emotions as I walked through the door. Was I nervous, excited, or somewhere in-between?

Wish You Were Here Sign Student Scuba Diving

Dive in and Explore Krannert

A Krannert degree will take you on many adventures. Start your journey by investigating our programs.

Jill LynnWelcome to Krannert Jill Lynn

It's a pleasure to welcome Jill Lynn to the position of Associate Program Director, Purdue One-Year MBA for STEM Professionals within the Purdue Master's Programs Team.

SenemKrannert Partners with BPE 

Krannert students enrolled in the Master of Science in Human Resource Management (MSHRM) program recently held mock interviews with individuals participating in the Business & Professional Exchange (BPE).

Sly at Checkpoint CharlieGermany Travel - My Final Trips  

Wolfsburg was a quick three hour trip to visit the Volkswagen (VW) headquarters/factory/museum.  It was a quaint city where you can definitely see the VW stamp.  VW employs about 53,000 people and the name is all over the town on the museum, city arena, hockey arena, and soccer stadium. 

Slyvester in GermanySpring Break in Europe 

Since my last update, I've traveled to Prague, London, Brussels, and Amsterdam. This week, I plan on seeing the VW factory and museum as well as Berlin, Germany.  It has been a really great trip, and as of today I only have 12 days left in Europe until I am back in the U.S. preparing for graduation from Purdue. 

SaadiLanding Your Dream Job: Saadi Azeem

Saadi Azeem is a second-year MBA student at the Krannert School of Management. He is the outgoing President of the Purdue University Consulting Club, a group which is comprised of students from all of Purdue University. Saadi and many other members of the consulting club have worked tirelessly to land their dream consulting jobs and to bring more consulting firms to Krannert.

KashifTips For Finding The Right Internship

I spent 9 months on my internship search, before I eventually landed two offers in the same week, and therefore have gone through a lot more than many and have learned a few tricks that might help you in your internship search.

Students in Costa RicaMy Germany Travels

I have been in Germany for almost three weeks and have seen almost 3/4 of the country. I live in a small college town called Reutlingen. I have traveled many times to Tubingen, where my cousin Alex plays professional basketball.

Students in Costa RicaMy Last (but best) Spring Break

Spring Break is a really awesome time at Krannert because as Master’s students we receive 2 solid weeks of time off from class so students may participate in a Study Abroad trip and then still have a spring break. Realizing that this is the last spring break I’ll have, I decided to leave the frozen tundra of Indiana for the more tropical climate of Costa Rica.

Purdue Student in Lab April 1st Deadline for the One-Year MBA for STEM Professionals 
Thank you for your interest in the new one-year MBA for STEM professionals program at Purdue University.  We are looking forward to welcoming the inaugural class to campus in just a few short months (the first day of orientation is June 9, 2014).


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