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My Germany Travels - Spring Break Travels

Since my last update I've traveled to Prague, London, Brussels, and Amsterdam.  Sly at Lennon Wall

This week, I plan on seeing the VW factory and museum as well as Berlin, Germany.  It has been a really great trip and as of today I only have 12 days left in Europe until I am back in the U.S. preparing for graduation from Purdue.  Where should I start? 

So my Purdue classmate, Chris, and I traveled to Prague, Crech Republic for a few days. Prague is a beautiful city.  You can tell that Eastern Europe was a different place from Western Europe many years ago.  The city was filled with lots of old buildings, the architecture was different, and the food was simple yet delicious. The people were very warm and friendly.  Chris and I did a walking tour which told us about the city and we also did a pub crawl in which we met great people from Austria, Germany, and England. We even tried an Ice Bar, and I would say it is the coldest place that I have ever ordered at drink.  (Note:  I will wear extra layers next time).  The weather was beautiful.  We were able to see a castle, the Charles Bridge, and the John Lennon Wall to just name a few highlights.  I would highly recommend Prague. 

London PicLondon.
Our next stop was London.  London was an amazing city.  It has a different feel from any other European cities that we have visited thus far.  It is clearly a city that
has changed with the times but keeps its old charm and historical buildings nestled within the city.  They have new buildings like the Shard and then have older buildings and bridges through out the city.  We were able to cross the Tower Bridge on our way to the Tower of London to visit the Crown Jewels.  After that we ventured off to see Benjamin Franklin's home which they say he lived there from 1706 to 1790.  It was iconic to see the big taxis and double decker buses.  Piccadilly Circus was the "to-do" avenue in the city.  We visited a James Bond museum, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and tons of places serving fish and chips.  Even with all the time we spent in London, there was so many things we missed. Not only would I recommend London, but I am already thinking about when I can go back to see more.  (I even stayed in my first hostel in London.  I was hesitant, but overall it was a good experience.)

After London we ventured off to Brussels.  At first glance Brussels looked like a city that had not changed with the times.  We saw abandoned buildings and right off theSly food pic train was the red light district.  But after checking into the hotel and venturing into the city center you could see that the city was still full of rich culture.  The Grand Place square was alive with people playing music and lots of vendors.  We decided to start our travels at the Hard Rock Cafe.  A German classmate had told us that every Hard Rock Cafe has a local burger which is unique to the state or country. So I decided to try it, it was great. It had fresh Belgium cheese, ham, and the hamburger meet itself was marinated in a Belgium beer mix. (Highly recommended!).  The Hard Rock Cafe is the only place in Europe that offers free refills on drinks and great free wifi.  Ready to go, we made our way over to the Chocolate Museum.  You can't go to Brussels and not sample the chocolate.  From there we went to see Manneken Pis.  From there we were off to eat again, next up - Belgium waffles.  Again you can't go to Brussels and not have Waffles .  We also ventured off to the comic book museum. It is said that comics actually started in Brussels.  The real reason for the trip was to the Smurfs Museum, who originated in Brussels.  The day ended with some more walking and a nice pasta dinner.  Next stop Amsterdam.

Sly Germany TravelsAmsterdam.
The last stop was Amsterdam.  It's a beautiful city.  It's called the Venice of Northern Europe and we could definitely see why right away. There were many canals and boats making their way through the city.  From the beginning lots of activities and museums to visits.  First stop the Van Gogh museum.  Tons of history running through the building.  Next we stopped at a little carnival that was in the middle of the city, dead center.  From there walking along the canals we stopped at the I amsterdam letters at the Schipol Plaza, then back down past the Opera House.  During our walk there were just as many shoe shops as there were "cafes".  Our walking led us dead into the red light district.  Unlike Brussels, the district was clean and looked like a part of the city.  Overall Amsterdam is a beautiful city.  The food is great and there are plenty of places to shop when you decide to take a break from site seeing.  Amsterdam is highly recommended.

That leads us to now. 

I have to get back to the classroom.  In a few days, I'll be right back on the road to Wolfsburg to visit the VW museum and then to Berlin. I am hoping that I still have time to make it to Bonn, the home of Haribo (a German confectionery company founded in 1920)!!!!

Things that I like about Europe: 

  • The public transportation is easy to use 
  • The quality of living is pretty good here
  • Lots of history to see and take in
  • Great food
  • Friendly people
  • Listening to accents 

Things I miss about home:

  • Family and Friends
  • Lower costs on everything I buy (Europe 19% tax already added in)
  • Easy to use washer and dryers
  • Good costumer service
  • Large/XL Coffees
  • Chicken Wings (all I've had is pork and fish for 6 weeks)
  • The Golf Course
  • Places that are 24 hours and open on Sunday
  • Access to Netflix
  • Not having to use an adapter
  • My Car
  • AND did I mention Free water and refills at restaurants

See ya'll in a couple of weeks. 

Second-Year MBA Student