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My Germany Experience - Purdue/Reutlingen Exchange


I have been in Germany for almost three weeks and have seen almost 3/4 of the country.  I live in a small college town called Reutlingen.  My cousin Alex lives in Tubingen where he plays professional basketball. Sly at Basketball GameTubingen is a nice, slightly larger town with a university. I really enjoy watching his team, the Walter Tigers.  Since Tubingen is only about 10 minutes from me and has really good food, I am there probably every other day.

I have also been able to travel to Metzingen, which is a small town known for having fashion outlets.  I've checked out the Nike outlet store, unfortunately there wasn't too much  that I liked (I start my job with Nike in Portland, Oregon this summer).

Munich, one of the larger cities in southern part of Germany, is another place I’ve visited on my travels.  Munich is home to BMW and Germany’s best soccer club (by record). Of course Munich is also home to the Olympic Games of 1972 and great food. I had the opportunity to visit to a Sly at the Porsche MuseumHofbra House where I enjoyed a nice bratwurst and a Radler, which is a mix of beer and lemonade. Also in the southern part of Germany is the town of Stuttgart where I visited the Porsche Museum and the Mercedes Museum.

My travels have also taken me to the northwestern part of Germany to Hannover and Dusseldorf. At Hannover I attended a soccer match between Hannover and Dortmund. The atmosphere was incredible, the police had riot gear, see my video.  While in Dusseldorf, I was able to visit and oldSly with friends classmate. Dusseldorf is a beautiful city which contains much history. I climbed to the top of their TV tower and I was able to see beyond two cities. The people there are very nice and fashionable, and like most German cities there was great food and beer.

So far my favorite city has been Heidelberg. While the city isn’t large, it does contain numerous historical stories and an incredible castle. The city had many little eateries of food and deserts that are only available in Heidelberg. I still haven’t been able to explore Berlin but I’m really looking forward to doing so, especially since Berlin has the only Nike store in the country. Overall it has been a great experience!  I have been able to create many great memories that I have been able to capture through photography! 

Here's my run down of my first three weeks.

Things I like about Germany:

  • Public transportation is easy to use and mostly reliable. 
  • Train system to other parts of Germany.
  • Quality of living is pretty good here, lots of places to walk, clean air, and pretty safe.
  • Drink called Spezi, a mix of coke and fanta (GREAT).
  • Food!  I have tried many new German meals.  My favorite dish is Schnitzel (I have it every other day).
  • The little cafes and bakeries.
  • Candy (Haribo)
  • Rich history that the country and every city/town possess. 

Things I miss about home:

  • Family and Friends
  • Access to public restrooms, almost everywhere
  • Free water and refills at restaurants
  • More than one television channel in English (Other than CNN)
  • Soft toilet paper
  • Non-roll on deodorant
  • Central heating and air