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Pursuing Your Dreams

Many non-traditional opportunities are available to MBA students after b-school.  In order to discover these, it takes just a little extra digging. Dawn Edwards, a second-year MBA candidate with specializations in Operations and Finance, used her MBA to pursue her dreams of a career in hospital administration. 

The next step is an essteemed fellowship in hospital operations and management.  

Dawn Duke MBA

Dawn will begin a career in hospital administration by completing a two-year hospital fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC), Summer 2015. Throughout the first-year of her program, she'll spend time in core functional rotations. The second-year allows for more flexibility and satisfaction of career aspirations. Through her experience, Dawn will be able to meet with hospital top management. This opportunity puts Dawn on a fast-track to becoming an Executive of Hospital Administration.

The application process for a coveted fellowships like this is intense. Dawn first joined the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE). Through the ACHE web site, Dawn began researching different Administrative Fellowships and then reached out to current Fellows to hear about their experiences. She narrowed down the list based on what matched her particular interests. Dawn went through several rounds of interviews before securing her spot in her first choice program at UPMC. She credits the Krannert MBA and Master’s Programs Office for their support and writing several recommendation letters throughout the process.

Dawn distinguished herself from other applicants throughout the interview process. Many candidates typically have a Master of Health Administration (MHA), rather than an MBA, and each program receives hundreds of applications.

There was a distinct method to Dawn’s selection of master degree program. She had done extensive research as well as shadowing in hospitals, and therefore “felt confident in the environment."  With the well-rounded nature of the Purdue MBA program, Dawn has been exposed various aspects such as risk, insurance and the international nature of business, that wouldn’t have been provided in an MHA program.

Pursing an MBA directly after graduating from an undergradate program was also something that was addressed in all of her interviews.  Dawn started her MBA after graduating from Vanderbilt University with a bachelor’s degree in economics and minors in corporate strategy and music.  She knew that she had a solid background in healthcare through previous research and work within hospitals.  Dawn stated, “I did a lot of research, so I understood the science part of it. At Vanderbilt I studies economics, so that was the business aspect of it. I really wanted to hone in on my technical skills. That’s why I’m doing Operations and Finance at Purdue.” 

During her time at Krannert, Dawn has maintained involvement in many different activities. She serves as Vice President of Communication Alumni Affairs for the Operations Club. This position allows Dawn to serve as the liaison between the club, students and alumni. She also has a Graduate Assistantship in the undergraduate career office, serving as a TA for undergraduate level classes.