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20,995,200 Seconds

Joel StubbsIt has been 243 days since I arrived here at Purdue to complete my 2-year MBA. 243 days, that is the equivalent to 20,995,200 seconds. The weight represented the task of finding and securing an internship, solidifying my career path of working within the financial services sector, and accomplishing what I set out to achieve.

I can’t say the road has been scenic or exhilarating, I probably wouldn’t even classify it as a road, but rather a roller coaster ride done in the pitch black of night. From launch it has been one heck of a ride with mountainous highs and lows, twists and turns. To put it into perspective over this time I submitted some 200 plus applications, across 106 firms, connecting with alumni and recruiters from nearly all of them. This yielded 12 first round interviews, 5 second rounds interviews and 3 offers. From start to finish, I totaled 5,280 travel miles and could not begin to fathom the number of hours of my time it has consumed.

My search process became very meticulous and well documented in an overly colourful excel sheet. I utilized the Krannert Career Service Website, LinkedIn, MBA-Exchange, company career websites, Indeed, the Krannert Professional Development Center, City Trek’s and more. It became increasingly apparent over the process that utilizing the alumni network of Krannert and, more generally, Purdue was going to be immeasurably beneficial. I’m grateful for having such amazing colleagues, many of whom connected me with industry professionals, providing me with access to multiple companies. Ironically, after all of this I received my internship by a Krannert connection. The position was never advertised, was never formally recruited for and at a firm barely on Krannert’s recruiting radar.

Now this whole process may seem excessive too most who read this, however when you consider the factors which culminated together its apparent where the issue stemmed. It is important to note that I am an international student from Canada with only 1-year of full-time work experience, a passion to work in a highly competitive and sought after industry, with serious regulatory pressures on hiring. With that being said, my story of unwavering determination is easily applicable to many of the students within Krannert!

Looking back I would ask myself two questions. One being am I crazy, and two being would I do it all over again. The answer to both would be a resounding YES!  Much like nearly everyone at Krannert, I set a goal for myself and came back to school to change careers and work in the financial services industry. Even though this roller coaster occasionally made me green in the face, I am living proof that anyone can overcome seemingly insurmountable odds. Don’t ever give up on your dreams but rather work harder, dedicate yourself and persevere through the tough because once you get to the other side... man does it feel good!

Joel Stubbs
First-Year MBA Student