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My Journey to Krannert

Group of Students at NBMBAI am a First-Year MBA student, and I can say that moving is part of my DNA. In the last five years I’ve moved about six times, including moving to 3 different cities and a new country.

Doing an MBA outside your homeland and taking your family with you could be a challenge since you are in a country and speaking another language.

After a strong effort, in March of 2014, I was accepted into the MBA program at Purdue. During the same weekend I received my acceptance, I started preparing for the move to the United States.

What impressed the most about Purdue was the organization of everything I needed to make the move to the U.S. as smoothly as possible. Once I was accepted into the program, I received instructions informing me of all the documents they needed; the document for a visa, school transcripts, and everything that an international student needs to have and do before entering in the US.

Something that really helped me in the process was Krannert webinars. These gave me the opportunity to learn from current student who had gone through what I would in a short time. In one of those webinars, I had the opportunity to meet prospective students who were residents in the US.

In the city there are many realtors, I had the chance to meet a great realtor who helped me find a house while I was still in Brazil. There are various apartment options for individual students as well as for students who have families, which was my case. There are some neighborhoods with newly constructed houses for a very affordable price.

Other things that were concerns included the process to get documentations, a driver's license, purchase a car, get a license plate, obtain a social security number, open a bank account, transfer money, etc. To my delight, when we arrived in West Lafayette, the University had prepared a day where representative responsible for these documentations would be answering questions in person at Purdue and starting the processes for us.

Everyone knows that an MBA student practically lives at the University during the first modules, and I knew it would not be very easy for my wife and son. To my surprise, my wife made ​​friends easily with neighbors who also had children. Also, I tried to get to know students who also had spouses, and soon everyone knew each other which made me more relaxed knowing that my wife and son would have had company. To our joy, the University also has a partner program where students promote events. Furthermore, the University promotes several weekly events that help to integrate and keep partners and children of students occupied while we study.

Actually what most captivated us and left us peaceful were the people we met. Regardless of what we had to pass, the people we met here, including those responsible for the MBA program (MBA Office Staff) made ​​us feel at home, made ​​us feel part of Purdue's Family, and contributed in a way that our moving process was very smooth.

Boiler Up!

Felipe Flores
First-Year MBA Student