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My Last Spring Break

Spring Break is a really great time at Krannert because as Master’s students we receive two-weeks off from class.  Students participate in a Study Abroad trip and then have some down time for a spring break. Realizing that this is the last spring break I’ll have, I decided to leave the cold Indiana for the more tropical climate of Costa Rica.Students in Costa Rica on Spring Break

If a student doesn't have the urge to travel before coming to Krannert, they certainly will once they begin studying here.

Why?  Becuase Krannert students have such diverse backgrounds and the school prides itself on analyzing business and cultural norms from across the globe.

Whether it’s Study Abroad or traveling for fun, nearly everyone at Krannert gets infected by the travel bug!

Costa Rica was simply amazing. The country has breathtaking views of mountains, oceans and rain forests. There is plenty of things to do both in tourist-heavy locations and off the beaten path. The country thrives on tourism and everyone made sure we felt very welcome. I’m sure we only scratched the surface of possible activities during our 12 days there. Some of our major excursions included whitewater rafting, zip lining, hiking, and deep-sea fishing. We also spent time at the beach which was a perfect place to re-charge our batteries before coming back to school.

What I liked most about our trip was that we were able to balance our time between tourist activities in Costa Rica and seeing more authentic parts of  the country. We flew into the capitol city, San Jose, and spent a few days there getting the full impact of the culture. Overall the food was relatively similar although Costa Ricans eat quite a bit of red beans and rice, plantains, and fresh fruit. (There’s nothing better than having our guide slice up a fresh pineapple during a break from rafting.) We were all also surprised to see a McDonald’s on nearly every street corner in San Jose. While we were in cities like La Fortuna and Playas del Coco, we were able to see many more Americans and other tourists and activities geared towards those groups. These cities were great because they catered towards active tourist excursions.

All-in-all, we all had a fantastic time in Costa Rica. I could think of no better way to spend my last Spring Break as a student. It was a fun yet relaxing way to spend two weeks away from school. I’m very happy to be back and looking forward to knocking out my last 6 weeks of my Purdue MBA!

Mark Shelton
MBA Class of 2014