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Differentiating Yourself From Other Applicants

As I'm sitting in the airport on my way to Johnson & Johnson's headquarters, in New Brunswick, NJ, I reflect on the odyssy I embarked on since the first day of orientation at Krannert. 

I owe a great part of my success to my best friend, who graduated from Krannert last May. One key take away from him is to never be too picky or limit yourself when beginning your search and applying for internships. Also, it is never too early to being your search; start as soon as you get to Krannert to get a head start.

My friends have definitely helped me in my professional growth. My second year friends always give me tips and encouragement. My friends and classmates are my source of motivation. I don't feel there is competition among us; instead, we help each other, celebrate our successes; they are the shoulders I can lean on.

Attending a national career fair definitely opened my eyes and broadened my perspective on to how to successfully present and sell myself to a recruiter. Also, it taught me the tough way, to always stay focused and to be on top of my game. Never be too confident and put your "A game" down, always stay sharp. 

I can attest that the more you practice, the better you'll preform in interviews. Utilize the KPDC resources and attend mock interviews events. Networking is key, meet as many people as you can. Introduce yourself and get used to step out of your comfort zone. It's important to ask questions and be yourself. These tips will differentiate you from the rest of the applicants.

Two Fridays ago, during Discover Krannert, I received a call with great news; I was being offered an internship with Johnson & Johnson. I accepted the offer. Now I can breathe easier and  can focus on assuring a strong gpa. My next steps are to continue furthering my HR knowledge and to expand my network within Johnson & Johnson as well as within Krannert. 

I interviewed with 10 companies and received 3 internship offers. It was a lot of work, perseverance, and patience. The last piece of advice I'd give, is to always be positive and look at the bright side of things.  No matter what happens, keep your chin up because you can achieve anything you set your mind for.

MSHRM candidate
Purdue University
Krannert School of Management