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Wondering How to Advance Your Career?

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

How to advance your career with Pushpinder

Want to know how to advance your career, raise your income, and gain applicable work experience? Midwest MBA schools — like Purdue — offer an opportunity to do just that.

While the focus is usually on the outcome of the degree, it's important to be prepared for the whole process (including before you start the program) to get the most out of your MBA. We’ve compiled a list of best practices that successful students do before they enter into their MBA program and share how a graduate degree can advance your career. 

Before You're Accepted

Get Some Experience
Many undergraduate students and recent alumni consider pursuing an MBA degree immediately following the completion of their bachelor's degree. However, MBA programs throughout the nation agree that applicants with work experience are more competitive. Besides the increased likelihood of getting into a program, you will have the opportunity to better define the direction of your career— and therefore, the type of MBA you would pursue.

Allocate Time for the GMAT
Those who give themselves ample time to study and brush up on GMAT study hacks set themselves up for success. Forty-four percent of test takers start preparing a minimum of four weeks prior to their test.

Research Potential Companies
As an MBA student, you have access to meet businesses at recruiting fairs throughout the school year. Research businesses and industries you would be interested working for prior to starting your program so you can take applicable courses and formulate your resume accordingly to be prepared at the next fair.

Congrats! You're Accepted. 

Connect Online
Many schools and programs have Facebook and LinkedIn groups for students. Join these groups to get a head start on meeting colleagues, and gain insight on which courses to sign up for from fellow peers. Visit the Purdue Krannert School of Management LinkedIn page to connect with current students and alumni.  

Be Prepared and Recharged for Class
Students attending a Full-Time MBA program in a different city should start researching different areas to live. Commuting students should look at Google maps to get a feel for traffic during the travel times to and from class. Lastly, it’s time to relax, or go on a vacation, or take a month off of work — do something to clear the mind and mentally prepare to hit the books.  

Zoom – You've successfully started and graduated from your MBA program. 

Get Hired & Make More
In a 2016 survey, 9 out of 10 graduates said their degree was important in securing their current job and 89% said the skills they learned in their program helped them to attain a job. MBA graduates' salaries, compared to their pre-MBA salaries, increase as much as 50% and the salary can rise up to 80% over the course of a five-year period. Here at Purdue, we’re ranked #2 for highest MBA average salary increase by the Economist.

If you want to know how to advance your career, an MBA program is the answer. Purdue is home to one of the best Midwest MBA schools and we would love to talk to you about our graduate programs. Check out our list of MBA programs or our list of specialized master programs to find the perfect fit.


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Scott Nelson
Assistant Director of Recruiting
Krannert MBA & MS Programs