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These Are My Reflections

The calendar reads mid-December which means that final exams and the holiday break are upon us! 

As 2013 draws to a close, I can’t help but think back on the year and how my experience at Krannert has changed dramatically in the last 12 months.  It's hard not to reflect from my experience from my First-Year to my Second-Year life as an MBA student.

Professionally speaking, 2013 was a year of growth and opportunities for me.  I started out the calendar year with few internship prospects.  I continued to network and landed a summer internship at The Finish Line. My time with The Finish Line was invaluable and I was able to increase my knowledge of project management, change management and organizational behavior, while also adding value to the company. The Finish Line still uses some of the project evaluation metrics which I created.  

Heading into the fall MBA recruitment season, I was much more prepared for the gauntlet of job fairs, information sessions and interviews than I was in 2012. As I applied full-time jobs, I started to receive more interviews than I had the year before – even from companies who I was unable to secure an interview with for an internship. This was incredibly exciting for me and served to validate my decision to come to Purdue for my MBA.

In 2013, I have several full-time job offers to choose from and I will have to make a very difficult decision shortly.

On an academic note, I’ve made it a goal in 2013 to be more involved in life at Krannert. There’s only so much time to make an impact during our time here so we need to make the most of it. During this year, I’ve become a member of the Krannert Alumni Association Committee, was a Krannert mentor to four incoming Master’s students and helped to plan Krannert’s Culture Fest. With only a semester left, I want to do more to be involved in the Krannert community. 

Perhaps my biggest accomplishment in 2013 was traveling outside of my comfort zone and halfway across the globe to India. While I certainly experienced culture shock, I’m glad I left the familiarity of the U.S. for the first-time to experience something different. Seeing the Taj Mahal was a priceless experience.

Key Takeaways from 2013:

  • A "ding” one-year from a company has no bearing for the upcoming year.
  • Time at school, work, everywhere is limited. Make the most of your opportunities wherever you are.
  • Share in other’s success and they’ll share in yours. Help others get where they want to go, and they’ll help you get where you need to go.
  • Take risks, dream big, be bold. You won’t always succeed but you may regret not trying.

Thanks for reading,

MBA 2014