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Far From Home but Close to Kin: The Krannert Family

Having lived most of my life in India, I was skeptical about coming to the US for my MBA and then working here. I was apprehensive about the culture and how I would fit in. During the orientation at Krannert, I was reassured Priyadarshini Mukherjee_Purdue Krannertthat I made the correct decision. The admissions staff, KPDC and, most importantly, my peers welcomed me with open hearts and minds. Soon I became a quiet but integral part of the Krannert Family.

During my time at Krannert, I have been fortunate enough to receive individual attention from most of my professors. Help was always readily available. In classes that I was struggling with, I was constantly reminded of my abundant resources- specifically professor office hours. I used that time to gain clarification and discuss future career plans. Due to a smaller class size, the professors were able to know us on a first name basis, which made them much more approachable for help.

My career coach at KPDC was a great mentor to me as well. Even before visiting campus, he made the initiative to contact me and help with my job search and internship. A friendly face at any time of the day, he has been a guide throughout my MBA journey, and I owe a lot to him. In the first semester, we were assigned a second year student as a mentor. In the early days, he too played an important role in helping me feel more comfortable in my new surroundings. If I had attended a larger school, I may not have been able to establish a relationship like this.

Krannert is very much a global space. I have been fortunate to meet students from over 20 countries, and it has been an enriching experience working with people from so many different backgrounds and cultures. Since most of our subjects encouraged team assignments, I have had the opportunity to work with most of my peers, having a different team for most of my subjects. In fact, in some of the subjects, I even had teammates from different courses. Such team alignment helped develop personal friendships, which I will take with me once I leave Krannert. Interacting with these peers, both domestic and international, has helped me learn beyond the classroom. My most important take-away has been the ability to adapt and keep an open mind. With so many people from different backgrounds and different experiences, there is much to learn from others if we open our minds and just listen.

The Krannert experience has been instrumental in my development as a person. Be it team assignments or the internship search in the first year followed by the job search in the second year, I have learned how to juggle my studies along with the equally important class activities. During our orientation, we had a day dedicated to Service Leadership. We visited the Lafayette Veteran’s Home. The experience gave me a great sense of personal fulfillment, touching on my long-standing dream of caring for those in need. My peers have also helped me become a good listener, and I get the opportunity to learn from each of their experiences. This has helped me grow my network and build some very personal friendships. All these opportunities have helped me build my confidence, and I believe that as I leave Krannert, I am now equipped to face any challenges that the next phase of my life may bring.

Priyadarshini Mukherjee

2nd year MBA student