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Toastmasters Competition Winners Announced

This past week, Toastmasters International, an organization focused on helping individuals advance their presentation and speech skills, hosted a competition at Purdue. Awards winners were:

1st Place: First-year MBA student Dennis Hernandez

2nd Place: Second-year MBA student Pauline Lamboley

3rd Place: First-year MBA student Andrea Puterbaugh

Krannert Toastmasters

About Toastmasters International Competition

The organization holds regular meetings in order to allow members to practice on-demand speeches.The Toastmasters event is open to students from any educational background at Purdue and several programs were represented in the event.

The competition is a great exercise to build skills in public speaking and  develop flexibility in speech-giving. Each of the presenters did an excellent job. Toastmasters is available in many workplaces and is a global effort that allows those in school, work environments, or the community to develop and continue polishing presentation skills. The most compelling speeches that were given were ones which used emotional appeals, a story, and well developed arguments to support their cause. This specific competition was centered around the concept of a non-profit educational group that was seeking funding at a charity gala.

A word from 3rd Place Finisher Andrea Puterbaugh:
I encourage anyone who is interested in building or improving their public speaking skills to get involved with this wonderful organization, as it will challenge you and help you grow in your public speaking skills as well as your comfort in speaking publicly. At the event, next year’s president for the Krannert Toastmaster’s club, John Scott, was announced and those who are interested in the club may contact him with any additional questions.