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2014 Global Venture Labs Investment Competition

Forty teams from around the world will gather in Austin, Texas from May 1-3, 2014 to compete for the title of Global Champion, which includes $75,000 in cash and prizes and the right to close the NASDAQ in Times Square. In addition to the Global Champion, over half of the participating teams will take home cash prizes totaling an additional $50,000. The 2014 competition also features an expanded Wells Fargo Clean Energy Challenge, with the winner taking home a $20,000 cash prize.

For 2014, there are two ways for Purdue University students to participate: Affiliated Competitions and Open Berth. Any team that wins an Affiliated Competition receives an automatic berth in the Global Venture Labs Investment Competition. You can find more information about the Affiliated Competitions here. To participate via the Open Berth process, teams must submit an application by February 21, 2014. The Open Berth process is open to schools from around the world, including those that are applying to or already participating in an Affiliated Competition. The application for the Open Berth can be found here.

While the deadline for the Open Berth application is February 21, historically the most successful teams complete business plans during November and apply in December.

If you would like more information, visit the competition website at Global VLIC, or we would be happy to arrange a brief phone call to discuss the Competition. Please contact or Ann Whitt at 512-232-6597 or for more information.