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Abhisek Gupta

abhisek gupta

Abhisek graduated from the National Institute of Technology, located in Silchar, India, in 2014. There he earned a degree in civil engineering. His fascination with analytics started when he read Thomas Picketty’s Capital in 21st Century. The book’s exploration of historical data to analyze inequality drew his interest into analytics. As a Career Services Coordinator for Class of 2014, he was responsible for approaching companies for on-campus recruitment. This involved using past statistics and placement strategies to attract companies that fit the profile of the graduating students. As his passion for analytics grew, he chose to make a career out of it.

Upon graduation, he joined analytics consulting firm Mu-Sigma Business Solutions and worked with the analytics division of one of the largest retail companies based in the United States. A majority of his work was related to customer, marketing and service channel analytics. He was given a “Spot Award” for creating an automated tableau solution analyzing customer acquisition campaigns, which saved the client a significant amount of man hours each week. He also worked on projects related to a new service channel established by the client company and analyzed the performance of the channel, establishing KPIs for the business in the process.

Abhisek firmly believes in using analytics as part of process and not as an end in itself. For him, this means setting up clear business questions and using analytics in the right place to reach the end solution. At Krannert, he is learning business, quantitative and analytical tools to do just that. In the future he would like to work on problems in technology and retail analytics, where he can apply his passion of storytelling with data and numbers. When not working on data driven problem solving, he spends his time playing soccer and reading books.