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Uma Aiyer

uma aiyer

Uma worked as an investment banker with India’s largest bank for nearly 7 years, providing transaction services to clients in a wide range of industries. She obtained a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Studies from the University of Mumbai and a Masters of Science in Management from the Institute of Management Technology in Ghaziabad in 2010.

She was introduced to analytics very early in her career in the form of traffic study data, wind study reports, financial reports, and even some information on the production of beef in India. However, it wasn’t until she realized how little of it was being effectively used that she made the decision to learn how to give the data a voice and a story of its own.

Uma hopes to learn the essential skills required to blend her business knowledge with analytical techniques from the Business Analytics course and create solutions that will make data more accessible to the average person. She wants to create solutions for financial inclusion and (possibly) develop a crystal ball that will make her an expert investment analyst.