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Evaluation - MS(A) Credit

International students who are/have attended a non-U.S. undergraduate institution and are strongly encouraged to check whether their instutition is listed on one (not both) of the business school accrediation web sites listed below: 


Accrediation Council for Business Schools and Programs

If your school is listed on either web site, not further action is needed by you.

If your school is not listed on either of the web sites above, we recommend that you make sure that the course credits you earned while attended a non-U.S. undergraduate institution are reasonably likely to be accepted as part of the education requirements to sit for the CPA exam.  You can learn this by submitting a completed evalution of your credits through a credit evaluation services such as FACS Evaluation (or an equivalent company). 

If you seek this evaluation, please send your completed credit evaluation to the Krannert School of Management Master's Programs Office for review